Luna Cables MAUVE Cables..The Holy Grail Of Cables ?..

Are they the Holy Grail ? 🤔




Sure it is...for the next five minutes. And by the way, that color is not even close to mauve.

Yes, the holy grail of outer sheathing wear becoming furry, based on photo.

Indicates it being  expensive junk. The manufacturer could have at least used a better quality, not made in China.

Are they the Holy Grail ?

Not quite - I took at look at their website and while they use a unique approach to the dielectric used - they use "tinned copper" for the actual wire and a pretty conventional cable geometry, which would provide mediocre dynamic perofrmance (i.e. compared to other wire types). Also, many of theri their cables have a braided shield so they would not be as open sounding as other brands

If you want smoooooth details they might provide that

If you want some "punch" along with that, take a look at

- Zevfino because they use UP-OCC copper - very fast dynamics + details

- or In-Akustik - superb cable geometry, offering exemplary perofrmance across the board

Don’t get me wrong, Luna Cables are definitely a cut above many other brands out there

- but  they are NOT the "Holy Grail"

Regards - Steve