Lumley Stratosphere turntable

I am planning on upgrading my Oracle Delphi V turntable to a SME 20/12 then I heard that the Lumley Stratosphere turntable was very special. I read one review which was glowing if not fantastic and I wondered if anyone here has had any experiance with one or knows anything about it. I would rather like a second opinion.

I own about 1,300 albums, all classical and i just love the music. I have never owned a CD player.

Grateful for any feedback.

Best regards

Hello. I have 120 watt tube monoblocks and loudspeakers from this very place. The table was offered with a graham arm and was something like 11 grand without the arm I believe at the time it was introduced. I understand it is magical but never heard it. What are the details and how much is it?