Lumley M250

I have a pair of Lumley M250. Not the ones re-sold by Reference Imports (with their name on the front) but a pair of the original monoblocks sent to Jonathan Valin of The Absolute Sound for review. The catch is there is something wrong w/them and I have no information on them. Is there anyone out there that might be able to point me in the right direction. I have tried contacting Metroplolis Music who carries new lumley equipment (assuming it's the same) to no avail (I'm in the us).

Any help would be appreciated.

Good luck. I have a pair of the 150 Signature Reference monoblocks that I purchased 10 years ago. Aside from finding scattered Lumley owners through Audiogon, I believe that Lumley has closed up shop and that there are no more Lumleys to be had. If there is someone selling them or importing them, I sure have not been able to find out using the Internet and trust me, I have tried. I have an older Hi Fi News and Record Review from the late 90's and there are still ads in there for Lumleys. I have written the dealers that advertised them but never heard back. No webiste addresses were listed as these ads were posted prior to the advent of websites and the wide "takeover" of the Internet.

Should you have some success, I would be interested in hearing about it. I have my manual for the 150's, but the information in it would probably be of little use to you. I would send you a copy though, should you desire..

Good Luck...

I have actually gotten them fixed, but in the mean time purchased another (different brand) pair of monoblocks. I think I'm going to sell these. Would you have any interest?