Luminous Synchestra Signature, How good are they??

Have a pair coming this week to attemt to replace HT Pro and JPS SC2, would like some feedback from owners. Read two reviews and not hardly any mention of bass performance.
I did not like them at all in my system.
They had no highs and the bass was non exsistant.
I was really suprised because I had read it was a very good cable.
Must be extremly system dependant.

My system consists of a Kreall Amp(KSA-250) A Melos (tubed)Preamp and a Meridian 508.24 CD Player.

I was using the Luminous between the CD player and the Preamp.
Terrible combination for me.
Best cables I've owned. A set of RCA's from the CD & XLR's to the amp. Also using Renaissance speaker cables in a true bi-wire configuration. I've got all the highs & lows I ever wanted using VR4 Gen III's.
I agree with driver. I have two pairs of the Synchestra Signatures and a double bi-wire run of the Renaissance speaker cables. My system has never sounded as good as it currently does. I have always believed that cables do make a difference, but was never all that concerned with them. I replaced all Tice with the Luminous and there is really no comparison. The soundstage depth and width increased, as well as gains in bass articulation and depth. The system just draws you into the music much more than before.

Highly recommended.

I read about the Synchestra Sigs on a post on Audio Asylum forum. The owner of the company as well as Bob Crump participated in the discussion. Bob uses their silver cable to make his speaker and ICs that he sells at TG Audio. He also tuned the Synchestra Sig himself.
I initially replaced my Silver Audio Hyacinth IC on my CD player. The Luminous is slightly less than twice as expensive as the Silver Audio. The performance was equal to the price increase, which is rare for cables. My experience is that you might get 10 to 20% increase in performance if you spend twice to four times as much. I got a smoother more detailed sound with fuller more distinct bass. I have used my Silver Audio Hyacinths about eighteen months so they were well broken in , and for the price are as good as I have found at their price point. I have since replaced my phono (Black Cube SE) IC with the Luminous with similar results. Next month I'll replace the amp/preamp connector.
I'm not in a hurry to replace my Analysis Plus Oval 9 biwires.
If you are up to spending $400 for a half meter IC, I don't think you can do better than the Luminous Synchestra Signature. No I ain't a dealer or have stock in the company, just very happy with the wires. You can get screwed so easily in this hobby, it's great to get what you pay for once in a while.