Luminous Audio Synchestra Sig. vs. AZ Silver Ref?

Has anyone compared the Acoustic Zen Silver Reference and Luminous Audio Synchestra Signature interconnects?
I own the Acoustic Zen Silver and it is great . The Luminous Synchestra and the silver version were the worst cables I have ever had in my system.
I believe the Luminous must be highly system depandant because many people think it is one of the best.

The AZ was a keeper the Lumionous a throw away (Again for my System)
Meridian 508.24 CD Player to a Melos SHA Gold Ref (Tube) Preamp.
I can't comment on the AZ. Indeed it must be system dependent Ozzy as I find the Signature, which is copper, extraordinary at the balancing act of effortlessly allowing all the musical detail to come through while maintaining warmth. They proved so much better than the familiar Harmonic Tech cables I was using, both the Truthlinks and Pro-Silways also continuous cast, in 2 very familiar systems that I'm at a loss over what you heard.

How do you describe it? The music is MUCH more natural and continuous. Listen to both Mshan before discounting the Luminous. They are quite special especially at the price. If you decide they are throw aways, throw them my way :^)
Well since Tubegroover already offered to take out the trash I can't jump in but what I'd suggest is send the IC's back to Tim with details on their performance because maybe there's a defect. With my RCA pair there was a problem which he immediately fixed & they are really wonderful cables.
I have already sent back the Luminous and recieved a refund.
Maybe it was defective , I cant believe it could be so bad. As I recall I was charged a pretty high restocking charge.
I believe 15%+ shipping costs.
Hi Ozzy

I think I should expand on my comments on the Luminous. I have listened to numerous cables in various combinations over the past year or so. There are always subtle differences at best between cables and they are certainly system dependent. As a result of this I felt that the Harmonic Tech Truthlink, which I like a bit more than the Silways in my system, while not perfect and maybe presenting too much of a sameness to much music, did not warrant changing out based on the competition. I am NOT willing to spend 1K and more retail for a meter pair of cables.

An audio buddy of mine bought a pair of these cables (Synchestra Sigs) which I was totally unfamiliar with. He bought them based on what he had read on AA and was intrigued at the prospect based on comments from various users. He invited me, actually about forced me, to come over one evening because I just had to hear these latest and greatest cables. I agreed but expected it was probably another one of those exaggerated improvements that would turn out to be something less over the long haul, we all know how that goes, right?

The MOMENT the music started I just could not believe what I heard. His system came alive in a way it never had before. The timbres of instruments and the articulation were just a staggering leap forward. A major ease and clarity without the emphasis or thinness that can come with a perceived sense of greater resolution. I just couldn't stop listening. I ended up staying 3 hours or so and never have I been so immersed in the music at his place.

I was so excited that I had him bring the cables up to my place that weekend. The same thing happened. We are talking two completely different systems. These cables are a major deal in both our systems. Not subtle at all but akin to a component upgrade.

As Driver stated, there could be something wrong with the cable based on your reaction. If I were you I would give them another try. I really believe the performance of these cables transcend the price range they are in.
Hi Guy's
I have been using Luminous SS cables since the day dot
before anybody taken any notice of them because they weren't expensive enough. I import this wonderfull cables to Australia as a dealer I have heard many good cables
in my shop and elsewhere. In my own system I prefer these to anything else thats tried. I do understand these cables might have problems with systems that has high RF as these are not shielded this is realy important if you want to
hear these at their very best. There is a better
cable than SS thats SS with Bullet plugs and the cable jacket removed need to be carefull as these are fragile
I put this to Tim he did some cables for me with BP for the CES 2002 His comment was these plugs put them with the very best regardless of price. It's amazing that it has taken so long to get recognition in this game.