Lumin X1 or U1 + PS Audio DSD DAC

Hi all,

I really love my PS Audio DSD DAC and currently run it with an Innuos Zenith Mk3. I would like to replace the Innuos with a streamer-only device such as the U1, The downside to the PSA DAC is the plethora of boxes and cables it takes to get the best from it:

EtherRegen->Innuos->USB->Matrix SPIDIF (with LPS)->HDMI->PS Audio DAC

With the U1 the chain would be the same.

Though much more expensive I could get an X1, sell my PSA DAC and Innuos, and be done with all those boxes and cables.

Does anyone have any experience or thoughts? I've never been a huge fan of the ESS DACs I've heard (Benchmark and Mytek) but they were levels below where the X1 is.

Would the X1 outperform tthe PSA DAC/U1 combo?

Can you use an external hard drive with the X1?

Yes, or you could do some research on the product itself.  They have a great website with lots of info.
Do you use Roon to manage your music--ie., core is running in the InnuOs?
If you use Roon and jettison your existing chain you will now need a dedicated Roon server. 
After many different configurations on Roon core integration (two different Lenovo i7 laptops, i5 and i7 full sized pc's, and finally a mac mini), I have found the best result from running Roon core on the InnuOs Zenith MK III. I would NOT sell the InnuOs if I were you.
If you got rid of all your current stuff in favor of one streamer you might satisfy your desire to simplify but you will likely take a step backward in performance.
Perhaps keep the InnuOs Zenith MKIII and your current stuff and maybe get a new rack or way to organize the layout?
Of course if you don't use Roon then the Lumin sure seems like a convenient way to go.

Yes, roon user here. I've tried running the Innuos as a core, an end-point, and as a core in experimental mode. The last option has definitely the SQ but is too flaky with frequent skipping.

TBH, there's not really any SQ diff running the first two configurations.

The last Innuos update has made Experimental Mode much more stable.  I rarely have drop outs and the benefit in SQ is worth it.