Lumin X1 latest Review like we have been saying

For many years we have been touting the Lumin products as being one of the best sounding and best implimented paths to creating a fantastic sound in your system.

We sought to be a Lumin dealer after the A1 came out and pretty much got rave reviews as being the best sounding streamer out there, each successive product was better the new T2 is amazing at its price point and challenges $7k streamer/dacs/

The lastest review

sums up Lumins history and even offers a comparison of the X1 vs the Total Dac, and DCS and the Aqua Formula, we actually have tested the upgraded Formula V2 with the Statement and it does sound even bettter.
Summation the best sound the reviewer ever accheived was with the X1.

We sell some of the worlds best dacs, including T+A, Light Harmonic, Aqua Hif, Naim, Mytek, Bricasti, and with the X1 you have to spend $30-50k to better the X1, it is nice to see that other people are agreeing with exactly what we have been saying all along.

If you are looking for the best sound for the money, rock solid reliability, a fantastic feature set, Tidal, Qbouz, Spotify, Apple Airplay to play Youtube or Soundcloud, OTA upgrades, Roon endpoint, full Mqua, DSD and High data rate upsampling, upconversion and playability, solid build quality, built in volume control, the Lumin products are hard to beat.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ Lumin dealers
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The idea of direct path is ideal but last time I checked the Nucleus box doesn’t quite hold up against top tear streaming player’s sound quality. And then there is $699 lifetime membership fee for Roon.
Lot of folks I know still don’t care to use Roon for whatever reason. Both Lumin and Aurender offers app that are excellent, easy to use and they are free.
^^ I am sure that is true.

Some users love Roon and some don’t. The sandbox is plenty big enough for all.

I think there are more “bits are bits” followers in the Roon camp than there are within the traditional audiophile world. But the Roon technology and UI is attractive for many reasons. It is changing the notion of what is needed as your “source”. 
Lumin X1 owners, are you going direct to amps or using a preamp. 
I am using a preamp ( Integrated amplifier )