Lumin Without DAC


Can anyone share their experience using the U1 or the U1 Mini products that do not include the DAC?

Trying to understand how big a deal it is for a third party DAC to work without problems.

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I use a Lumin U1 and love it.  You won’t have any issues connecting to an external DAC.
Hi sfseay,

That is good to hear.

Is it more involved than simply connecting it and then playing it?


Just choose your connection (USB, AES/EBU, Coaxial) on the Lumin app for digital output you will use.  If using USB you won’t have to choose the digital out.
Before deciding on a Dac or Streamer make sure they are compatible. I know one situation were coaxial cable from a LUMIN Mini did not work (no sound) with a T+A DAC8 (Older model) The solution was to use USB. This was not the LUMIN’s fault. This particular DAC uses outdated WINDOWS drivers. I am sure this is a very rare situation, but must be noted.