Lumin vs Auralic

I'm finally moving to streaming audio.  I've done a bunch of reading and have narrowed down my search to one of two models:  Lumin T2 (which is finally shipping I hear) or the Auralic Vega G2.  For those that know both brands, and have had a chance to audition or work with their software platforms, which would you recommend?  I prefer the one box I end up sending less on cables/interconnects.   I just plan on using  Any feedback would be appreciated!  
+1 for Lumin.  I own two Lumin1 U1 transports and love them.  Not stuck with a internal DAC since they are just transports/streamers.

The Lumin would be the "smoother" at least in my system.
I have not heard the T2.  I have a Lumin T1.  If the T2 is as good as the T1 (and it should be better) then I think you will be very pleased.  I auditioned a Auralic and a Lumin player at the same time so I got to compare the two apps.  They are both good but I think the Lumin is better.  I have since moved to Roon so I haven't used the Lumin app in quite some time.  I think both the Auralic and Lumin products are Roon ready if you ever get the urge to try it.
OP we are major Lumin fans heck we are a Lumin dealer and we used to sell the Auralic products which were very good.

The Lumin products are quite magical the new T2 is a quantum leap over the T1. The new T2 is like a mini version of the X1 which is in a class by itself as an uber level streaming dac.

The T2 has a full lush sound with a sense of image density that you just don’t find in the more affordable digital products. The difference is the X1 just goes to an insanse level of increased resolution and furthers the T2 in every parameter.

The design of the Lumin is exceptionally advanced with dual Ess 9028 pro dac which do differential computation of an eight core processor summed to lower distortion and increase dynamic range.

A state of the art analog stage and a very advanced power supply beat the older T1 which was a mini A1 even in the face of having a switching power supply that is internal, the Dual Ess beat the older Wolfsons.

Take a T2 for a spin, it is Roon capable, MQA, offers the option of upconverting PCM to high resolution files as well as playing PCM as DSD we demo our T2 playing Tidal as DSD and it sound marvelous.

Also the Lumin has built in Airplay which is also very convenient, and the Lumin app is super easy to use.

If you prefer your digital to sound like analog,have freedom to upconvert and crossconvert, have a rock sold app, constant firmware upgrades to new features, ease of use and a great looking product get a T2.

We sell many brands of digital: Ifi, Mytek, Nuprime, Naim, Lumin,Aqua Hifi, T+A, and a few others the Lumin is our favorite.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ Lumin dealers

We sell many brands of digital: Ifi, Mytek, Nuprime, Naim, Lumin,Aqua Hifi, T+A, and a few others the Lumin is our favorite.

@audiotroy, I'm on the quest for a do it all streamer/dac. Was considering a Bluesound Node2i - but have decided to take it up a notch. Do I need to consider an all in one unit like the NAC c658? I have an amp - but no preamp. Not sure that it is critical. I will be streaming only, no music library. I understand the price difference is substantial - just trying to achieve the best sound and value, rather than piece together different boxes and fail with synergy.

Appreciate your guidance!