Lumin U1 vs. Sonore SE

FWIW, I was with a couple of other audiophile folks in the market for a new Streamer.  I've pretty much settled on a Signature Rendu SE - single enclosure optical Rendu and linear power supply.  I've heard it several times and done several A-B-C comparisons and it always came on top.  Yesterday, based on my audio consultant's counsel, we did yet another A-B comparison with the Lumin U1.  Must admit that the styling of the Lumin is pretty sharp.  Both units are comparably priced (few hundred $ difference).  To the degree possible, we kept everything constant including tunes and cabling.

Once again, FWIW, the Sonore SE sounded noticeably better than the Lumin. It is not that the Lumin sounded poor, and I am certain that it would be a good addition to my system, but my money is now on the Sonore SE.  The SE's soundstage and clarity was simply a notch better than the Lumin.

System was a McIntosh 2700 Pre-Amp, two McIntosh monoblocks (1.2K, I think) and a pair of Sonus Faber Amatis.  Music was run through a Roon Nucleus.  

Humbly I will submit to you that I don't have the sharpest ear, but all three of us immediately noticed the difference after about 30 seconds of Liberty by Anette Askvik.  

Just sharing, not interested in debating.  Any other particulars folks need to know about the set-up?
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Thanks for settling that one for me. I’m comparing the sonore signature se with the optical se version and out of the box the clarity is there. Must give it a few days to burn I.  but man oh man it’s worth the 1k upgrade. So happy with the recent changes.  
Very Cool.  Thanks for the reply.  I'm anxious to hear your outcome.  My Sonore SE Optical is still at my dealer's.  He is demo-ing it on a system, which is fine.  That is also breaking it in for me.  I'm not ready to do all the cabling and reconfiguring just yet, so I own it, it is just a matter of when I want to have it delivered (or picked up).  Would like to install it all together when I get my new DAC.  I'm pretty confident that I am going to be quite happy when it is up and running.  The difference between my Pro-Ject and the Sonore will be like night and day.  The streamer is the weak part of the system.  Listen to any good recording lately?