Lumin U1 vs Lumin U1 mini + sbooster?

Has anyone done this comparison ? How close can the mini get ?

Looking at the spec of the U1 and the mini on the Lumin site right now.

The only difference in the spec is the power supply and the higher PCM support of the U1.  


It would stand to reason that those who are saying that the added aftermarket power supply would get you damn near the performance of the U1 have a pretty solid case.  Yes, I have the U1 Mini with the Sbooster, and I'm very happy with the results when connected to my Bel Canto DAC. 

@hubbman And upgrading the DC cable for the linear power supply should close the gap significantly. I went from stock belden cables to Neotech copper and there was performance jump.

Despite what you might predict based on logical comparison of the specs, those that have actually compared the sound of the U1 Mini (now discontinued) with Sbooster to the U1 have found the latter to sound significantly better. Of course whether you'll consider the difference in performance to justify the price difference is ultimately a judgement call.

The problem is any comparison between the U1 and mini will be highly dependent upon the DC cable and LPS for the mini.

I will say the mini is incredibly good with the right supporting network and grounding components.

Does anyone know what the technical differences are vs the U1 Mini
I have the U1 mini with S booster II and it is pretty nice.
I am thinking of upgrading, but not sure.
Thank you