Lumin U1 mini with a Chord Qutest DAC

I would like to hear impressions of the above combo.  I currently use a Bluesound Node 2i with the Chord Qutest but am interested in the Lumin mini as a possible streaming upgrade.  Anyone with both sonic impressions and operating ap impressions? I am most interested in the audio impressions of the Lumin-Qutest combo.  I currently run my Chord via Sbooster LPS and would also consider running the Lumin with the Sbooster upgrade.  Thanks much for any input!
I had a Node 2 feeding the Qutest before switching to the Lumin U1 Mini with the SBooster LPS.

In my system, the Lumin presented a slightly better soundstage, better separation of instruments and voices and detail, compared to the Node. There seemed to be more mid bass with the Node at the expense of clarity compared to the Lumin. It was not a day and night difference but it was apparent after I listened to the Lumin for a few days to acclimatize and then switched back to the Node for comparison.

In my opinion, using the Bluesound app was a much better experience than the Lumin app which was, quite frankly, unusable with my Android devices. It kept freezing and the UI seemed amateurish. It made me switch to Roon, which allows me to operate the Lumin flawlessly.