Lumin u1 mini vs bryston bdp3

Any thoughts on this match up? Especially the mini with sbooster mod.
U1 Mini+Sbooster or Aries G1 (no LPS needed) over the Bryston no contest. I don't buy digtial devices from a non-digital specialty company. 
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I have both the U1 Mini and the Ultrarendu with linear PSU. The Ultrarendu is very good but the U1 mini is a clear step above the Ultrarendu.
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No, not a dealer anywhere near me and the reports of their problematic software never inspired me to hunt one out.  The Lumin's and Auralic's I have owned have operated flawlessly so no need to explore further in that price range. 
I have have the BDP3.  Sounds great but the Mani Moose software is awful.  I can’t comment on the Lumin
I have a BDP-2 with the upgrade audio board (same as used on the BDP-3). It works very well as a Roon endpoint. I haven't even tried the Manic Moose software since I've been using Roon since before I got the streamer. The only other streamer I've compared it with is the Node 2i, and the Bryston is a clear step up (lower noise floor, more precise imaging in particular). 

If you are just looking for a Roon endpoint, then the BDP-2 with the upgrade audio board is a nice choice. You can probably find one for under $1K. The BDP-3 has a more powerful processor, which makes Manic Moose run faster, but has no benefit for Roon playback quality (according to Bryston). 
Have  BDP-2 but use third party MPD software (soundirock).

One thing I almost never see mentioned is playlist size limits.  If I remember right, Aurender has a 500 song limit, Lumin is 2000, but Bryston is much higher... not sure the limit.  The upshot is that I can listen to my ENTIRE library (about 8,500 songs so far) on shuffle, which is how I prefer to listen.

I've been tempted to try other makes of file servers but the playlist limits give me pause.

Just throwing it out there for anyone who may be considering such features.
mrppv can you link to the software you use specifically? Also is the MPD playing files from the BDP2 internal HDD or do you have a sever/nas with the files ?
@smodtactical - I have an external hard drive containing the music files connected via USB.  Never have tried a NAS setup. is what I use and it's available for iOS and android.  For the way I listen, I make the playlist (aka the entire library) and set up the shuffle function with Bryston's own browser app, then view / control with soundirok on the iPad.

My favorite player software was MPaD but it unfortunately isn't supported anymore.  Rigelian is supposed to be the successor and you can take a look on the app store - iOS only.  I have it but still preferred the old MPaD, and soundirok.