Lumin T2 impressions?

Just curious who has one.

1. Does ROON recognize the T2 as an endpoint?

2. How is Lumin, as a company, with software upgrades?

3. Anyone compare the Manhattan/Brooklyn to the T2?

4. Not Critical, airplay ready? I listen to podcasts and local talk radio sometimes while working.

The T2 is probably out of my price range at the moment, however, i'm just researching for possible future purchase
So once one gets the T2 set up properly, I can just use Roon software as I do now and just have the Lumin as a roon endpoint. No need, after initial set up or use for firmware updates, to use the Lumin app...correct? 
As far as i know the answer is YES.
Normally in my view firmware updates are good to do as they usually bring something better with them , functionality or smoother operating.
Some of those updates have involved Roon tweaks and bug fixes.
I was getting ready to pull the trigger on a D2 yesterday. However, I am going wait just a bit and go for the T2. After chatting with a few people, including Peter at Lumin, The T2 has latest tech. Plus, in the future if needed, the ability to output to another dac. 

Since my BHK preamp purchase, I am wanting to go go full balanced on my system. The T2 and BHK 250 are the next two components I'm looking at purchasing.