Lumin T2 burn in time?

Hi, I just got a Lumin T2 streamer 3 days ago, and have been playing it continuously for 3 days.   So far I think the sound is pretty good.  Great details with excellent spaciousness.   However, I find the bass to be a little bit thin.   I'm comparing this to my current Cambridge Audio 851N streamer.   The Lumin is 3x the price of the 851N.

My question for you Lumin owners - how long of a burn in period are you giving your streamer/dac before it reaches its optimal sound?  and do you think the bass will improve with the burn in?   

Overall I do like the sound, but if the bass department doesn't improve, it would be a show stopper for me.   Another thing I wished I had known before purchasing this unit is the lack of remote control.   The Lumin App is not bad, but the lack of basic control via an infrared remote is a real bummer.    I'm not looking for full fledged feature set from a remote, just basic rewind, forward, start, and stop.   It saves me the hassle of opening my phone every time to perform these simple tasks.   

Anyway thanks in advance!
@rockrider I believe you are correct.  The Lumin and Esoteric apps both work with my TEAC NT-505 and are almost to identical to each other (and TEAC's HR Streamer app) and I thought they were all part of the same company.
Ah, interesting @big_greg. Thanks!
I am currently running the latest firmware. I think @tuberist might have a point about network. My network does have issues sometimes. Spectrum is the provider, and I can’t tell you how much I dislike them. Don’t get me started...
My Lumin X1 sounded absolutely dire straight out of the box. I was going to send it back. For the first couple of weeks it sounded like crap and I thought I had made a huge mistake.
My dealer persuaded me to stick with it, and it took over a month before it started to sound good, and now after a few months it sounds amazing.

@rossb You would think Lumin would have figured out to pre-burn the units before shipping.