Lumin T2 burn in time?

Hi, I just got a Lumin T2 streamer 3 days ago, and have been playing it continuously for 3 days.   So far I think the sound is pretty good.  Great details with excellent spaciousness.   However, I find the bass to be a little bit thin.   I'm comparing this to my current Cambridge Audio 851N streamer.   The Lumin is 3x the price of the 851N.

My question for you Lumin owners - how long of a burn in period are you giving your streamer/dac before it reaches its optimal sound?  and do you think the bass will improve with the burn in?   

Overall I do like the sound, but if the bass department doesn't improve, it would be a show stopper for me.   Another thing I wished I had known before purchasing this unit is the lack of remote control.   The Lumin App is not bad, but the lack of basic control via an infrared remote is a real bummer.    I'm not looking for full fledged feature set from a remote, just basic rewind, forward, start, and stop.   It saves me the hassle of opening my phone every time to perform these simple tasks.   

Anyway thanks in advance!
xcool, please keep us posted as you get more hours on the unit.
I have mine connected that way as well.  Not sure if your preamp  applies any DSP,  but  I noticed a big difference In sound quality when  I set my preamp in digital bypass mode,  which eliminates all of the  DSP and  sends an unaltered  analog signal directly to the amp.  You might try it that way and see if you notice a difference.  I also thought the Lumin’s tone changed slightly after about 200 hours.
I have a T2 that is barley 24 hours old, It sounds great. It has the same DAC chip as my previous Wyred 4 Sound unit (Saber) but with all the streaming features. I am not as happy with the Lumin app, I have finally got it figured out. It should have been ways easier. It is not very user friendly. I was used to the OPPO app it was super simple to use. I find the Lumin barley tolerable. Maybe they will tune it up some day. It could be a deal breaker for me very unhandy.
hi @bwguy my preamp is pure analog, so no DSP processing.  Right now,  I'm just going to let it run continuously for another week and see how it goes.   Like I said earlier, SQ wise, I like everything about the T2, except I wish the bass is a little more pronounced.

As with the app, it's actually not so bad when it is WORKING.   Unfortunately,  it seems very unstable.  It quits (or crashes) all the time.   Sometimes when I restart the app, it won't connect properly, and I can't even control the playlist.   I really don't like the fact that the app is the only option to use this unit.   With the Cambridge Audio I have,  I only use the app to construct the playlist that I want to listen to, and even this step I can do it without the app.   I can do everything else via infrared remote, like start, stop, skip, and rewind, etc. 

If my experience with the app doesn't improve, it might be another show stopper for me to keep this unit.
XCool, I found the Lumin app to be very stable, never dropping out or buffering. Is your wireless set up robust? What you described with the Lumin app suggests a network issue not the app.