Lumin or Aurender

I have about 4k for a new streamer. I was looking into Lumin and Aurender. I need a streamer with an Integrated DAC. 
Also looking at NAD M10. Which of these is best in terms of performance, reliability, value ? I watched a YouTube review by Michael Borzenkov, a well regarded Russian audio reviewer, who claimed he couldn't tell a difference between vinyl and A100.  Currently running Blusound node 2 into Mac c2600 dac. Thoughts?
I vetted the Lumin and Aurender and chose the Lumin. Roon compatibility is a must after I learned the hard way with the Sony HAPZ1ES and Logitech Squeezebox about what happens when the manufacturer decides to stop upgrading its OS. Never again.

Lumin had been fantastic about updating Firmware and their customer service is awesome. I use my D2 with a Sbooster power supply and am super happy with the Sonics, especially on hi Rez and upsampled Redbook.
Sony and Logitech are hardly considered leaders in streaming hardware and app associated with their streaming players. I have owned Aurender now for 6 plus years. They have been on top of the updates, very receptive to customer feedback and made great strides with their Conductor app since it’s inception. Outside Roon, Conductor is considered the best free app.

Congratulations to the OP for buying the best sounding streamer currently available :-)
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Very happy with Aurender. Clearly better than bluesound node. The app is excellent. I also recently bought NAD M10 and quite impressed with that little amp. The app BluOS isn’t as sophisticated as Aurender app.