Lumin or Aurender

I have about 4k for a new streamer. I was looking into Lumin and Aurender. I need a streamer with an Integrated DAC. 
Also looking at NAD M10. Which of these is best in terms of performance, reliability, value ? I watched a YouTube review by Michael Borzenkov, a well regarded Russian audio reviewer, who claimed he couldn't tell a difference between vinyl and A100.  Currently running Blusound node 2 into Mac c2600 dac. Thoughts?
I have a Bluesound Node 2i in one system. I also have an Aurender N100H and an Auralic Aries G2 in other systems.  For fun, I compared them directly in the same system using the same cables.  While tonally they sound similar, there is a very large difference in spatial perspective and information offered with the better units.  The Aurender is significantly better than the Bluesound.  And, the Aries G2 is again better than the Aurender N100H.  As well they should be for the price differential.  For those who believe bits are bits (suggesting little difference in servers/streamers) and that there are DACs that are generally immune to jitter (as mine is supposed to be), I would say you’re really missing out.  I am now of the opinion that the server/streamer is at least as important and probably more important to sound quality than is the DAC.  
Lumin T2 and Ether Regen will guarantee enjoyment. 
And there is a possibility of an aftermarket external power supply with just a little tweaking. 
Aurender added Tidal MQA support at least a year ago.

I have been using an Aurender A10 since it launched 3 years ago and love it. I chose this model because it has internal storage, a streamer and DAC and so this unit does it all and I do not need to have a computer running anywhere. 

I have just had to use their customer service for a failed screen - and they fixed and shipped it free of charge, even though it is 3 years old.

I think the front end app is a CRITICAL deciding factor. If you do not like the interface your listening pleasure will be impacted. Before I got my Aurender I had a unit from Cary. Their unit itself was great, but their app development effort went into their Android product. The iOS version was extremely poor. I lasted about 4 months before switching to Aurender.
The Conductor app from Aurender is fantastic, but it is ONLY available for iOS devices, specifically the iPad. 

I moved from an Aurender X100L to a W20 and the sound quality is a world of improvement - same DAC for both.
@bigkidz. Roon Nucleus, Bluesound 2, Yamaha wxa50, NAD C 658, Bryson, NAIM.....

The folks at Audio Concepts were very patient with me and we auditioned ever brand an all in ones, stand alone’s and found the Moon by Simaudio MiND 2 to fit that bill. Moved from the 340i to the 390/330A and nothing comes close.