Lumin D2

Hello looking for a little input from current Lumin streamer owners. I was able to demo this streamer from my local dealer, and have been using it for well over a week now. The sound quality far surpasses my current setup of a Bluesound node with a Hegel HD12 DAC utilizing optical connection. But that's were the honeymoon ends! I downloaded the Android app to my phone and found app to be not very user friendly I cannot pause tracks, add entire playlists or albums, and cannot pull a song from Tidal to add to a playlist. I need to go to my Tidal app do add a track then go through the Lumin app to be able to play the track.

I guess what I am trying to find out if I used a iPad will I then be able to do all the functions l am currently used to using my phone and the Bluesound app. I sent a request to Lumin support three days ago and have yet to hear back from them. I don't currently own a iPad and I would get one if I knew it would make it operate similar to the Bluesound app. 
iPad has a friendlier interface. ROON would be even better. The control and interface on it for Tidal is fabulous.
The Lumin app is supposed to work much better with the ipad.  I have an Android tablet and I can't get the Lumin app to do anything.  I use the Linn Kazoo app (free) and it works very well with the Lumin.
So tomcy6 explain to me how the manufacturer Linn is going to support their competitors like Lumin?
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I don’t think Linn is supporting Lumin. The Linn Kazoo is their basic app and it happens to work with Lumin players. If you don’t want to try it, that’s OK with me.
Tomcy6 thanks for the advice I apologize if my response came off wrong. I did try the app out even before I responded to your first response, but I was unsuccessful in being able to control the Lumin.

I welcome any advice on this matter for I have yet to hear back from Lumin support. Again thanks for your help.


Hmm... That’s odd. If you click on the
icon next to the Lumin D2 on your tablet’s screen do you get a drop down list that includes a Tidal icon?

You can try the Bubble UPnP app. I think you get it free for 30 days then it stops working and you have to pay $4.69 for a permanent version. I tried it and it worked well for me.  It says in its description that it will access Tidal and Qobuz.
I have the same problem with my Cambridge 851N network player. The Cambridge Tidal app is not very good so looking for an alternative.

I installed Kazoo on my Note 8 and it sees my 851N but when selected just says "Looking for room". So I installed the BubbleDS Next app which indicates it works for many streaming devices but no love. It finds my 851N and connects to Tidal but if I try to play anything I get the message "No Linn DS Found".

So then I installed the free version of BubbleUPnP for DNLA/Chromecast and it appears to be the exact same software as the BubbleDS Next, BUT IT WORKS! Streaming FLAC through 851N/Tidal. App is much better than the Cambridge app with much more functionality. Don’t know about reliability or dropouts yet but time will tell. Glad I found this thread.

EDIT:  The  BubbleUPnP for DNLA/Chromecast app can be shared via Tidal, so I can use the Tidal app to stream FLAC via my 851N.  Very cool.  Just select "Share" from Tidal and then select the Bubble UPnP app.  BOOM!
My experience with the LUMIN app on the iPad is terrible. It crashes very frequently and freezes even more often. I tried the Linn app as well and its far more stable but not as well designed as the LUMIN app. 
Overall a quite frustrating experience since it's the only way to control my D2 and it that price range I should be able to expect a flawless user interface. I contacted LUMIN and they even suggested I can try the Linn app.

Since the last update, the volume control is lagging behind several seconds so overall I would not buy a LUMIN streamer again.
I had the Lumin A-1 and absolutely loved the ease of use of the Lumin App on my Ipad.  I have since upgraded to the Lumin X-1, which allowed me to replace the Lumin A-1 and my Emm Lab DAC.  The user interface on the Ipad with the Lumin has been nothing short of fantastic for me.  
flyheli1 we are a Lumin dealer and the problems you speak of may be caused by your network. If your network is not rock steady you can get drop outs. We replaced an older wirless access point with a newer one and all our problems in finding gear and having the app crash completely went way. 

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor Lumin Dealer
Regarding the Lumin app....I just read the Six Moons Review and it States that
”Classical Music Lovers will simply be unable to search by Composer.”  Is that still the case?