Lumin D1 Music Server Modification Impressions

I had the fortune of stumbling on a Company in The Netherlands called AudioFacts (Sound & Vision Consulting)...the only company that is offering this Worldwide I could find on The Internet. My Contact Bobby Kingsma is very opinionated, has a great sense of humor and sometimes very arrogant but knows what sounds right: I feel with his mods to both my Lumin D1 and S Booster that I have clearly achieved an unprecedented level of neutrality, articulation and 3D soundstage. For those concerned I had the factory Lumin D1 broken in with the same cables etc. for several months (fully broken in) before sending my pieces off to The Netherlands. Upon return, as predicted by Bobby break-in would take about a month (nearly 24/7) and throughout this break-in period my System continued to grow in detail and 3D. I would refer to the improvement as much greater that "a tweak": more like a "game changer". Check this Guy out: [email protected]

My Equipment:
1) Ming Da MC 34AB (40w/ch Triode, 75W/ch Ultralinear) modified by Pacific Valve. Tubes: a) 8 Mullard "B" Code XF2’s b) 2 6SN7 GT Tungsol’s c) 2 Telefunken 12AT7’s: HFC Reveal Power Cable
2) Audio Nirvana 15" full range neodymium in custom 5-sided enclosures
3) Epik Legend dual 12 in. "Parallel Bass" Subwoofer
4) Lumin D1 + S Booster: HFC CT-2 Power Cable
5) 2 High Fidelity Cables MC-1 Pro Helix Plus plugged into..
6) HFC Hemisphere
7) High Fidelity Cables CT-2 cable with 2 HFC Magnetic RCA Adapters in series @ both source & destination: Lumin’s DAC is currently being used so CT-2 is directly wired to Amp from Lumin
8) HFC "Ultimate" Power Cable from Furutech GTX-D NCF(R) outlet to Hemisphere
9) DIY Cat 5 speaker cables
9) dual Perfect Path Technologie’s Emats under all equipment and on speaker magnet

Thanks, Robert for the kind words. We take our work very serious, this is why we want to bring audio to a superior level than what is now possible these days. Everyone makes choices and it is our goal to bring people more close to the emotion of their personal favorite music.

We give 24 months full guarantee on the modification of Sboosters and Lumin products. We are an official Lumin dealer and now also sell to the US. This means we sell 110volt versions. We do Lumin at a superior level than any other company that sells Lumin. We have so much more insight and knowledge of these products.

We modify Lumin network players, the Lumin L1 and also the Sbooster. We created a new level in digital audio. It makes it sound so much more analog. And it improves the stage and depth significantly. We will soon place many reviews of clients all over the world of all our modifications and work.

We started to support different clients from the US. And now also sell Audioquest cables directly from Audioquest US to all people in the US. Our insight and knowledge about all cables from Audioquest go far beyond that of most audio shops. Due to thousands of hours in research in over 20 years of time. We know all the differences between all their cables in detail.

In the last 10 years, we spend a lot of time in research on the influences of the acoustics, electro-smog, high-frequency noise and magnetism on sound and stage. We always did this together with the best specialists in particular fields in the world. With one goal to bring audio to a new level in realism and emotion.

We are now busy to bring different high-end systems in the US of new clients to a superior level. We first speak a lot with new clients about their thoughts and ideas.  We hear that our knowledge and insight regarding the acoustics, electro-smog, high-frequency noise and magnetism goes a lot further than what is known in the US.

These new clients will place reviews as well. And they will even give you the freedom to visit them for a shootout.