Lumin App-Qobuz Question

I can't figure out how to get albums I add to favorites to be configured alphabetically by artist instead of date I added. Thanks to any who respond. When using Tidal there was a little pictograph in the source bar you could tap and it would rearrange the albums from date added to alphabetical by artist. I can't find that using Qobuz with the Lumin app.
My Aurender Conductor App using Qobuz also does not sort my favorite albums by artist name.

Unfortunately, the issue is that Qobuz needs to build an API so Aurender (and others) can build the required coding for album sorting options.  Maybe the Lumin App has the same issue. 

I have emailed Qobuz several times and I know they are working on an API but they have not provided a finish date.   If possible, I suggest you also email them. 
thanks HG, that's what I suspected. I emailed Lumin and got no response. I will now email Qobuz. I like the music choices and the sound quality is terrific.
@tuberist, Thank you for emailing Qobuz and requesting an API for sort options by artist, etc.  I was a beta tester for Qobuz and have been requesting this capability since I started testing earlier this year.  I know they are working on the API but have been unable to get a finish date.  

I have already emailed Aurender and they are patiently waiting for Qobuz to release their API instructions. 

I also do not know how long it will take Lumin, Aurender, etc. to implement the API.  I am adding more favorites to Qobuz and sort options by artist name, etc. will make it much easier for me to find the album I want.  Thanks again.  

Now we wait.  
See response below from Qobuz Customer Support:

“Thanks for your follow up email. We are still working with our partners to deploy our new API. I don't have a firm date of the deployment for you. However, I can say that we are getting closer to the finish line. I would say to check back within the month”.  

This means, I hope, Qobuz is getting close to releasing their API to their 3rd partners.  I have no info on how long it will take for Aurender, Lumin, etc.  to update their software with the new API.