Lumin A-1 or Lumin U1

I was all ready to buy either a Mytek or Sim Audio Dac / Streamer and then I found Lumin.  Can anyone provide me any feedback on the Lumin A1 or U1?  Easy to use?  Any issue?  Complaints?  Musicality?  I am looking for a combination DAC/Streamer.  
please give us a ring audio doctor in Jersey city NJ we have a lot of experience with digital.

We sell Cary, Mytek, Lumin, Aurender, NAD, T+A, Naim, and many others.

As per the Lumin it is a fantastic product and is very musical.

It sounds like you have a lot of questions. 
I love the Lumin app for iPad which I use with microRendu. Intuitive, reliable, no glitches or freezing. Cheers,
My Lumin A1 is one of the very best purchasing decisions I've made in the 30+ years in this hobby. In almost two years it's worked flawlessly, and sounds so damn good that I wouldn't dream of replacing it.....which is why I hope like hell that Lumin gets aboard the MQA train sometime in the future.
...i second what soundqcar stated. I have had my A1 for 3 years and it is also one of the best audio aquisitions  i have made in 30 yrs.The Lumin team is always upgrading the current platform to make the experience better. I have heard the Aurender products and they are good but i like the Lumin better. The app is fabulous.
Thanks for the reviews so far.  Another component has come up...Esoteric N05.  Supposedly very similar to Lumin.  There are so many choices out there right now.  

FYI, Esoteric's app to control the player is made for them by Lumin, and works 99% like the Lumin app, so that difference won't come into play with your decision. Cheers,
After spending about an hour with Dave from Audio Doctor, I have decided to buy the Lumin A1.  Dave really took the time to answer everyone of my questions and provided me with more information than I could have ever asked for.  Thanks Dave.  At the end of the day, I considered, PS Audio, T&A DAC 8, Auralic, Aurender, Sim Audio 380D, Mytek Manhattan and Brooklyn, Schitt, Bricasti M-1 to name a few.  I really wanted to simplify and that is why I wanted the one box DAC/Streamer.  This should go great with my Raven Integrated MK2 Reflection tube amp and my Wilson Audio Duette 2 speakers.  

I will third the opinion on the A1. It is fantastic. It was recommended to me by a group of diehard analog guys (Walker tables and the like)...Said it was the first digital that made them forget about it being digital.
   I have also found a great "side use" for the Lumin. I started ripping some of my vinyl to DSD128 using the Korg DS-DAC-10R. Now I know the Lumin A1 can only handle DSD64...but using Minimserver on the Synology NAS I can transcode to 24/384...The result is almost identical to playing the vinyl..In some ways better as I can play at higher volumes without feedback issues ( I have dual Seaton Subs).