Lumen white: White Light

I had today opportunity to hear the Wight Light with:
Audio Research
Ref CD 7
Preamp Ref 3
2 monoblocks Ref 210

well very nice but I must confess that I was slightly disapointed: hearing to Eileen Farell in Stormy Weather, her voice was a bit light / thin, missing some body, not exactly like it should be. Hearing a double bass solo same impression, there was missing some body, the colour of the instrument was not exact ...
I cannot imagine that the top references of A.R. being the cause of this problem ... ???
for such a price I would have expected something more convincing. By the way in the same room were staying some Kharma loudspeakers ... they share exactly one same ceramic speaker
My feeling is that you have listened to an unfamiliar system as a system. You know there were things you didn't like, but since you listened in the context of a complete system you cannot point the finger at any one piece of gear.

But I was at CES a couple of years ago and I think it may have been at THE SHOW that they had the Lumen Whites set up.

When used with a top notch vinyl playback system and Ayon monoblock tube amps they were pure magic. I believe it was the best sound I heard at the shows that year.

There was a considerably more expensive model of Lumen speaker playing in another room with all high-zoot digital gear and solid-state electronics. That system failed to win my attention.

So I wouldn't be quick to judge the Lumens by the demo you attended. Heck, even disregarding room acoustics and system synergy, there are a lot of variables in setting up a high resolution system...

I know your thread is old, but I think I know what you experienced. The cd 7 sounded thin and un-dynamic. I used to own it, and I hated it and could not understand the positive rewievs it got. But as you know, ARC replaced it with the cd 8 quite quickly. Wonder why !
I own the ref. 3 and used to own a set of 210´s as well, and I had the combo you had as well, only did I use Wilson WP 7 at the time. I changed the cd 7 to a Wadia 381, and that helped. Later I changed to a Emm Labs CDSA SE. Much much better than the cd 7. So at the end of the day... Ref 3. and Ref 210`s ar very nice components in my oppinion, cd7 was not.