Lumen white: White Light

I had today opportunity to hear the Wight Light with:
Audio Research
Ref CD 7
Preamp Ref 3
2 monoblocks Ref 210

well very nice but I must confess that I was slightly disapointed: hearing to Eileen Farell in Stormy Weather, her voice was a bit light / thin, missing some body, not exactly like it should be. Hearing a double bass solo same impression, there was missing some body, the colour of the instrument was not exact ...
I cannot imagine that the top references of A.R. being the cause of this problem ... ???
for such a price I would have expected something more convincing. By the way in the same room were staying some Kharma loudspeakers ... they share exactly one same ceramic speaker

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I know your thread is old, but I think I know what you experienced. The cd 7 sounded thin and un-dynamic. I used to own it, and I hated it and could not understand the positive rewievs it got. But as you know, ARC replaced it with the cd 8 quite quickly. Wonder why !
I own the ref. 3 and used to own a set of 210´s as well, and I had the combo you had as well, only did I use Wilson WP 7 at the time. I changed the cd 7 to a Wadia 381, and that helped. Later I changed to a Emm Labs CDSA SE. Much much better than the cd 7. So at the end of the day... Ref 3. and Ref 210`s ar very nice components in my oppinion, cd7 was not.