Lumen White?

Does anyone have much experience re Lumen White's Silverflame or Whiteflame D speakers? I recall quite awhile ago Stereophile doing a so so rvw on one of their models (probably now discontinued) and Japan;s Stereo Sound raving about the top of the line DiamondLight model, which is out of my price range. They look beautiful, seem to be easy enough to drive....
I have a friend that has a pair of White Flames. A fabulous speaker! Best to be driven by tubes I am told.
Thx...some have told me they are like Kharmas but less sweet. Ergo the tubes I suppose....
"Best to be driven by tubes I am told."

I heard them with Audio Research CD ref7, AR ref 3 + the biggest AR amplifier ...

it didn't work properly

maybe combining tube preamp with solid state amp
They sound fantastic with SE 211 monoblocks
Would strongly recommend auditioning the new Lumen White Artisan. I have paired them with Ayon CD-5s, Silbatone L-100 and Ayon Crossfire PA. No other speaker using ceramic drivers (except of their top-of-the-line model) comes even close. The older and discontinued models were great but a tad to bright and edgy on the top end. The new ones are a huge step forward. By the way: they sound excellent with Ayre and dartzeel as well.
I heard Silver Flame's driven by Robert Koda electronics a couple of years ago. Fabulous, awesome clarity and soundstaging.

Not sure I'd characterize the difference between between Kharma and LM in terms of sweetness, that system sounded plenty sweet and richly textured. As compared to my Kharma's what I noticed is the way they move air. Deep bass notes, the likes of bass drums sound more like a wump with a more obvious sense of air being shifted from the Kharmas where the all ceramic set sounds leaner and cleaner to my ears. Not sure which is more correct, more of a preference thing.
I remember reading the Stereophile review a few years back but can't recall the model or who reviewed it but I do remember him stating that although they sounded great they didn't sound quite right until he ran them with a good tube amp