Lu’s Jukebox

Any Lucinda Williams fans out there?  She’s currently working with the website to produce a series of 6 performances. The first - a tribute to Tom Petty - aired last night. I had a virtual meeting I had to attend so I’m just getting to see/hear it now and it’s truly fantastic. That coming from someone who would not normally consider myself a big Petty fan (I had no beef with him either). 
Five more shows to go. The next one is on Thursday in 2 weeks and so on ( more or less). I think the next one is southern soul. Later shows include a Dylan night, a Xmas show, 60s country hits and New Year’s Eve is the Stones. 
Several different packages are available - I went all in and got all 6 shows + digital downloads + vinyl of all shows.  What can I say, I’m a huge Lucinda fan and this is a unique opportunity to get a glimpse into her sole while hearing some great tunes played by a fantastic band. Full disclosure - the shows are not live but are pre-recorded. 
Just Google Lu’s Jukebox if you’re interested. 
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Thanks for the heads up!  LOVE me some Lucinda!!  I think, between vinyl and digital, I have everything she's ever recorded.

HUGE fan here...
Another Lucinda fan here !  I even have gotten into Charles Lloyd ( jazz) due to Lucinda's work with his ensemble .  There's something about her marriage of her lyrics and some tight , gritty ensemble playing. 
I should have said: " I have even gotten..."
"Vanished Gardens" is EXCELLENT!  That collab was inspired.  You really wouldn't think it would work, but boy did it!

Highly recommended.
Yes Vanished gardens is combined genius IMO
@bdp24 is also a fan
thanks to OP for the link and heads up
Glad there’s a few out there. My brother-in-law was actually her first manager way back in their Austin days. They’re still on good terms and I got to meet her several years ago because of that. The progression she has gone through and her willingness to put herself out there and try new things means I’m always looking forward to whatever is next. 
Apparently, she opened for Petty some years ago and they formed a deep bond mainly through their southern roots and their love/hate relationships with all that brings with it. Her little interjections and emotions on this first installment takes the production to another level. 
Great news and thank you, will check it out for sure. Enjoy the music