LTA Ultralinear vs Pass Labs XA25

I'm very curious if anyone as listened to or had the chance to AB test these two amps together? I currently own the LTA ZOTL 10 MK II and absolutely love it for a multitude of reasons. I'm in the market for a new amp because 10 watts isn't quite enough power to drive my 88db SALK HT2's. I'm almost ready to spring for a Ultralinear but am very curious about the Pass XA25.

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What type of music do you mostly listen to, and at what levels?

i have D9s in an almost similar size room driven by a big Pass 250.8 (purchased for my previous less efficient speakers) and love the sound but have been tempted to get something smaller.   I listen to mostly folk and rock at avg 80 dbC and the Pass bias needle has never moved.  I was wondering about a 30.8 and had never considered the XA-25.  I do use a balanced dac and preamp though so going single ended would be a pain for me.   That sounds like any interesting pair though and makes me think I can likely get away with much less power since the Spendors are efficient and very easy to drive.
Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback as well. Very interesting because I was considering the Rogue ST-100 as well. And Primaluna EVO 400 for that matter. What would you say the Rogue does better than the Pass XA-25? Maybe the top end?


I have owned both the XA-25 and 30.8.  I much preferred the 30.8.  I did not like the XA-25 and found it fatiguing to listen to for any extended time period even with a tube preamp. My speakers were the Sonus Faber Elipsa SE's.  YMMV
I have upgraded to the Pass Labs XA30.8, driving my Spendor D9s with ease. Super happy...


I mainly listen to jazz and rock and listen at about the same levels as you mentioned (80db avg). The XA-25 can easily push the Spendors to lounder levels but then it gets too loud for my space.
I also like that the amp is smaller and lighter than the Rogue ST-100. It also doesn't get any warmer than the Rogue.