LTA - Has Anyone Had First Hand Experiance?

Linear Tube Audio is offering up a couple of interesting "Bundles" and I was giving some consideration to this one:


Wondering if anyone else out there has gone this route and if so, are you happy with the system?

LTA also offers this bundle but it's more money and only offers an amp and speakers:


I have the LTA Z10 integrates and Spatial Audio triode master speakers. 
The two combined are awesome. Everyone who has heard the combo, including my wife who couldn’t give less of a crap about audio sometimes, say it’s like everything between the musicians and you is stripped away. Super clear, clean, and dimensional. 
I’ve paired the Spatials with a Decware 6 watt amp and a Primaluna Dialogue Premium Integrated before. The decware has what I would call the traditional tube sound with tons of dimensionality and tube bloom which was super comforting and easy to listen to, but lacked dynamics and bass. Midrange was crazy good though. The Primaluna was good too, but needed high volume to really get the most and was not as affected by tube changes as the Decware. Not as much midrange magic and still light on bass. 
The LTA has a crystal clear sound that trades some midrange tube magic for unbelievable space definition (the sense or “realness” of music is uncanny), silent background (like no sound....the Primaluna and Decware added hiss and hum from the transformers), and the bass is all there.  The ten watts is a lot for my Spatials. I had to crank the Decware and Primaluna to halfway or more to get the same dynamics I get at 15 out of 100 on the LTA.

Beyond that, LTA service is superb. Always quick to answer questions and, when my power supply developed a hum, they instantly responded with a shipping label to send it back, assessed it and repaired it within 48 hrs, and had it back to me. No fuss. No fight. Everything with Primaluna was a battle, specifically Upscale Audio...they don’t give a crap about customer service once the sale is made. 
The LTA amp is un freaking real. My speakers are 95 dB sensitive and I think the ten watts are beyond capable for more. The Primaluna was putting out 22/38 watts depending on mode and the Decware was 6 watts. LTA outshines both with ten watts and the quietest and clearest background I’ve ever heard. And that extends to the headphone amp which is balls out crazy good. 
If I had to complain about anything it would be that it’s almost too clear. I’m trying to figure out a way to get some of the warmth back that the Decware has and tame some of the top end which my ears don’t enjoy as much as others. That’s a personal preference and no knock on the amp.  

Wow Rick,

Excellent information, above and beyond, thank you!
Makes the LTA bundle (of joy) sound better & better all the time!
Although I think I might trade out the Lampizator Dac for an NOS R2R unit. Also, the ZOTL Ultralinear amp sounds like it might be a good step up. Maybe it would giv back some off that warmth you were looking for over the Z10? What Dac are you currently using with your Z10?
The DAC is my next thing to “fix”.  I think adding a tube DAC would help and I’m torn between the Border Patrol, which seems to be more in the vein of warm analog sound, and the MHDT Orchid which seems to have a little less but still good. Need to get one in my system but neither offers a really good in-home trial. 
I’m using the Parasound ZDAC which won’t win any awards but it’s been a good workhorse for about five years now. Nothing really to complain about but not a lot to fall in love with. 
I’m also CRAZY tempted by the Ultralinear but just couldn’t justify the expense. I’ve asked the LTA folks a lot of questions about it and how it compares with the Z10 and their comparisons don’t give me the sense that it will be warmer or more smooth but just that it’s more refined, which is hard to translate into how it will actually sound different. If you’ve got the dough, try the Ultralinear and see what all the fuss is about. 
Again, great information Rick.
Right now I'm trying to sell my house, hoping to secure some funds to get back on the audio track. Do I have my priorities right or what?
Please keep me posted (via this thread) on your continued journey!
It's been very helpful to me.
IMO and experience, don’t sell the Lampizator DAC short...