LTA - Has Anyone Had First Hand Experiance?

Linear Tube Audio is offering up a couple of interesting "Bundles" and I was giving some consideration to this one:


Wondering if anyone else out there has gone this route and if so, are you happy with the system?

LTA also offers this bundle but it's more money and only offers an amp and speakers:



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Good to know, thanks. Glad you're enjoying your system!

I was just curious about your speaker placement?

bjlefebvre, great info, please keep me posted on your bundle acquisition.
What speakers did go with, I would like to hear more about LTA/Spatial pairing.  

dodgealum, I will source out you review, thank you.
Again, great information Rick.
Right now I'm trying to sell my house, hoping to secure some funds to get back on the audio track. Do I have my priorities right or what?
Please keep me posted (via this thread) on your continued journey!
It's been very helpful to me.
Wow Rick,

Excellent information, above and beyond, thank you!
Makes the LTA bundle (of joy) sound better & better all the time!
Although I think I might trade out the Lampizator Dac for an NOS R2R unit. Also, the ZOTL Ultralinear amp sounds like it might be a good step up. Maybe it would giv back some off that warmth you were looking for over the Z10? What Dac are you currently using with your Z10?
Hey Tomic601,
Sure, never one to sell anything/one short, care to elaborate?
Thanks cat_doorman. I did pick-up on the NRD series and oddly enough Ron Brenay’s review of the LTA Z10 was far from glowing, which surprised me. Maybe the ZOLT Ultralinear integrated is the ticket, wondering if it sounds $2,750 better than the Z10 though?
rickallen81 - excellent information Rick, great to know! Thank you.
OK, thanks jtcf & aldoallen
Thanks tvad, any experiance with pairing of LTA and the Spatials?
What speakers are you using with the LTA's lancelock?