LSR&D 1000w. Leach Superamp?

I just acquired a pair of these monos with the wooden sides on a rack-mount type case. They're each labeled "model 102" with 1000 watts on the rear tag. From what I've read, the Superamp version put out 270-300 watts per channel. The faceplates have "The Leach Superamp" on them. I'm assuming they are bridged Superamps, hence the 1000 watt sticker. Can anyone shed some light on this? thanks.
You might want to try to contact Professor Leach directly. His email address is indicated on his Georgia Tech page here.

My understanding, though, is that the Superamp was a mono amp, and so it would not have been bridgeable. Perhaps the 1000W indication represents ac input power under peak output conditions.

Also, contact me through Audiogon if you'd like a pdf of a review of the Superamp which appeared in 1980 in "The Audio Critic."

-- Al