LSA1 Statement vs. PSB Synchrony 2B or 1B?


I am looking for a great and sanely priced pair of monitors for a smallish (13 x 16 with 8 foot ceilings) room. I had the chance to audition Ascend Sierra's in home and thought they were "okay" and a great value, but just "okay." Then, I borrowed a pair of PSB Synchrony 2B's from a local dealer and LOVED them -- great vocals, plenty of bass energy for my room, and an enormous soundstage with lots of ambient retrieval.

Then, a dealer recommended the LSA1 Statement model -- said they totally trounce the PSB Synchrony monitors.

Any thoughts, my guru friends? Thanks!!!
Maybe the dealer would rather sell you a pair of $3000.00 speakers than a pair of $1750.00 speakers? Just a thought.
i haven't heard the lsas, but i know the psb-- as you experienced, the psbs are a great speaker by any measure. i personally would choose them or the quite similar sounding paradigm signature over anything i've heard in the <$4000 class--somebody would have to offer me some revel ultima gems or utopia minis before i'd feel the itch to switch. like preaves there, i'd be very skeptical about your lsa dealer's claims and wouldn't be tempted unless i heard 'em side by side.
Sure! The LSA1 Statements retail for $2500. The dealer is discounting them to around the same price as the Synchrony 2B, which is around $1700. So price wise, it'd be kind of a toss-up. If it were a matter of $1700 vs. $3000, there would be no dilemma... I just can't afford to spend 3K on speakers!

Loomisjohnson: The Synchrony's have been raved about pretty much everywhere. The LSA's have gotten some ecstatic reviews, too. The advantage to the PSB's is that I get to support a local dealer, by buying a speaker I've actually heard in my room. And if I don't like them, I suspect they'll retain more of their resale value than the LSA's.
rebbi, it sounds like you answered your own question. coincidentally, there's a long current agon thread in which owners rave about their lsas, so much so that one would have to conclude that the lsas must be great as well. however, since you can't buy both, i just don't see how you'd go wrong with the psb. its sorta like the fact that audi and bmw make great cars doesn't mean you won't enjoy your lexus.
Yes. I saw that thread, too. And I
messaged a couple of those posters. They LOVE their LSA's! So
that makes it a harder choice.

You were quite patient in your audition of the Ohm Walsh speakers. Since you live in Austin, take some time and visit the audio shops there if you have not already done so and audition, audition, audition. Start with the A/V dealers and boutique shops, of which there are a few.

If it's possible, try and attend the audio club in your area. Regional gatherings, which happen from time-to-time, is another avenue to try. For example, Selah Audio, a speaker manufacurer in North Carolina has "extended an invitation to all Audio Circle speaker manufacturers to provide demo units for a listening session in North Carolina". Being new to the Charlotte metro area, I am looking forward to attending that and hope that Rick Craig can pull it off.

You'll likely not find any manufacturer that will offer you the same, generous 120-day home trial that you had with Ohm Walsh. So, if it were me, I would invest some time in listening to as many speakers as possible as that lessens the risk of buyer's remorse.

In the end, no one can really tell you what to get but we all have our opinions and happily share them. To that end, it would help to know the size of your room, equipment, music you generally prefer, whether you'll use a sub or subs, and price range. I am not sure what a "sanely priced pair of monitors" means to you.

Good luck.
Hi Finsup,

I think that's good advice. There are
only 2 full time specialty audio shops here. One carries Dali, Martin Logan, PSB, Magnepan (I think) and Dynaudio. The other shop carries a lot of Brit gear -- Rega and I'm not sure what else. But cooling my jets and really educating my ears is probably a good idea!