LSA1 modified vs Silverline sr 11 / ERA D5

Has anyone personal experience with these speakers... ? Thanks.
What is the nature of the modification?

If you mean the LSA1 Statements, they are the best. These are the highly modified LSA1. There are the Standards as they come from China and the Signatures with a folded ribbon tweeter.

Are you referring to the "modified" LSA1 that Walter of Underwood sells? They claim to replace the stuffing with lamb's wool and replace the caps on the crossover with Auricaps... which sounds a lot to me like LSA's Signature model... I'm not sure how Walter's differs...
Rebbi, the modifications of the LSA speakers are done by Exemplar Audio or John Tucker who is also with LSA.
Yes, I know. But if you look at Underwood's ad, he says "we have just finished an affordable mod to the LSA1," and never calls it the Signature. See here:

So I'm a little confused. But I assume he means the Signature, as modified by Exemplar/Tucker.
Rebbi, what is curious is that the Statements are the top of the LSA line.

Notably, the Underwood mod doesn't replace the tweeter. For $1500 rather than $1300, you certainly would want to have the folded ribbon.
LSA sells three levels of LSA1 speaker.
The Standard is the straight-from-China model.
The Signature replaces the Dacron filling with lamb's wool and replaces the cheap crossover caps with Auricaps.
The Statement adds the ribbon tweeter and totally rebuilds the crossover with premium parts.
Rebbi, yes I misspoke about the Signature version having the ribbon. All that I really know is that the Statement is exceptional.