LSA Voyager GAN Amplifier

Just got mine last week.  After 24 hours of play all I can say is that this is not your father's class D amplifier.  There is not one thing about its sound that reminds me of the class D gremlins that I do not like.  The low end filled in and now has deep impact, the midrange is the love child of a beautiful tube and clean hybrid amp - just gorgeous.  Highs are very clean and extended. Spatial cues are top notch. My system has had some damn good tube and solid state amps in it before and it has never sounded this good.  I am blown away with the quality of sound coming from class D amplification at this price point.

This 300 wpc amplifier is a real winner.....
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I don’t think the mods will be a huge factor but what the heck and try it out given the glowing posts here by Ric’s customers.

The descriptions of the Voyager make me believe it sounds more like my CODA #8 than the AHB2. The AHB2 is a little clearer and not as warm (but smooth) as the CODA. Though the CODA #8 blows the AHB2 away with my Thiel CS3.7. It is a power spec thing with this speaker and amp.

The AHB2 (mono) is my favorite sounding amp especially so with the CODA 07x preamp.  I use the AHB2’s in another system.

I need a 3rd amp for my RAAL SR1a and that is where I hope the Voyager fits in. My old amp was good but not as good as the AHB2 on the RAAL SR1a. I just don’t want a 3rd AHB2. I was thinking Purifi but the current implementations did not excite me. The Voyager hype has pulled me in.
This thread is extremely interesting to me as I am considering the new GaN amp from LSA, Audio-GD 2A monos, PSA M1200 monos and the Coda No. 8.  Coming from a McIntosh C8 pre/dac with Wyred4Sound SX-1000R monos, driving Magico A5s.  I'm looking for a bit more dimensionality and lushness in the mids and sparkle in the highs.  The Wyreds are great...but I'm thinking that's the weak link for me right now.

Very happy for you, and for Underwood. They went through quite a few hiccups, but to their credit they held off shipping earlier versions until they were satisfied.

Based on numerous class D amps I have owned, 200 hours is a magical moment in time, so if you are excited now.....

Mine is supposed to ship by tomorrow

My SUGGESTION to anyone thinking to send it to Ric (everyone should know I am a major fan based on my EVS1200 experience) ought to put a couple hundred hours on it first



I had been thinking I needed to upgrade my Audio Alchemy DDP-1 + PS 5. Not having that kind of money, first I replaced an optical cable that I had been using since I first got the DDP-1 between my Audio Alchemy DDP-1 + PS 5 and my Oppo 105 with a Pangea 1.5m XL coax ($150!), I was and remain flabbergasted at the transformation to my EVS1200 and the rest of my system