LSA & Von Schweikert

I just took a flyer on a pair of LSA1 Statement loudspeakers. I'll be comparing them to my Von Schweikert VR-1 monitors and keeping the "winner".

In searching for information, one finds a lot of inference that LSA loudspeakers are essentially identical to the discontinued Von Schweikert VR-1 and VR-2 designs. Of course, the cabinets are slightly different, but the driver and port configurations are remarkably similar.

I'd love to hear from Larry Staples and others about these two brands, as well as the differences (if any) between the LSA1 models (Standard/Signature/Statement) and the VR-1, as well as the differences (if any) between the LSA2 models (Standard/Signature/Statement) and the VR-2.

Obviously, the Statement designs depart considerably from the others with their ribbon tweeter, which I believe is an Aurum Cantus model. Are these imported as Standards and modified in the US? Same for the Signature?

Any clarification would be greatly appreciated!
Where did you get this inference that the LSAs are "essentially identical" to the Von Schweikert models you mention?

I have no experience with them, but it is possible for speakers to resemble each other in terms of specs and other design features (like the rear-firing tweeter that the LSA tower and VSA speakers share). But they can still be voiced very differently due to crossover design. Just sayin'.
Well, you'll see it stated in many forums on many websites, including audiogon. Hence, my post. I would like to know if in fact this is true.
Probably should have Googled before asking. But I would still argue that the real key is in getting the crossover right.
Agreed that there could be many hidden differences. I would love to hear straight from Larry Staples what those might be. He doesn't need to disclose actual network details, but it would be nice if we could get a little more info regarding his statements here that they are "voiced differently". What were the LSA design goals? How do those differ from Von Schweikert? The fact that he worked for VS and Thiel is interesting . . . I'd love to know where the brand philosophies converge and where they're different.
When VS dumped his dealers, he sold the VR 1&2 to the LSA Group for capital. LSA also purchased there integrated line in the same manner.
LSA is a marketing and sales group and has since tweeked each line.
Larry Staples refers to himself as LSA's "designer". What changes did he make to the VS designs? He talks about different voicings -- same drivers, different crossovers? The cabinets are definitely different.

To the best of my knowledge, most speaker designs aren't patented. (There might be design patents out there, but there is little new technology in most dynamic speakers that would allow a utility patent.) What exactly did LSA "purchase"?