LSA Statements sound like. . . .??

I'm considering a pair of LSA Statement speakers to go with my LSA Statement hybrid amp. Since I can't find a dealer anywhere (San Diego area) that has a pair to audition, I figured I woud reach out here to see if I could get some indication. I have basically narrowed it down to the Statements or a pair of ProAc D28. I currently use a pair of ProAc Response 1SCs. I love the sweet midrange of the ProAc line and the D28 ability to have good bass at low volumes. But I can get the Statements for $2k cheaper and am hoping for some synergy within the same make. Comparisons to ProAc, Wilson Benesch, Dali, B&W, or Sonus Faber would help me out. Thanks...Tim
Anybody? Seriously, any kind of comparison to something I might know would help.
Hi, Shazam,

I am happy to post on this topic. I had a pair of the LSA1 Statements for several months and just loved them! They have a sweet, extended top end and do voice extremely well. They are imaging and soundstage monsters and go surprisingly low for speakers of their size. They are also very good looking, especially in the rosewood finish. And even at higher volumes they never get shouty or obnoxious.

The only reason that I sold mine was because I got a deal on a pair of Merlin TSM-mmi's and couldn't resist the chance to try such a highly thought of speaker. But I really did love the LSA1 Statements and would urge you to try them. They are terrific. Call Walter at Underwood Hi Fi... he'll take good care of you.

And feel free to message me if you want more information.

I'm sorry I can't compare them to the speakers in your list; I just haven't heard them. But I can't imagine that they wouldn't mate extremely well with your LSA amp.
Tim, you never did specify LSA 1 Statement (monitor) or LSA 2 Statement (floor stander) I have been using the monitors for about 7 months and very happy with them. I also live in Southern Cal (Hntngtn Bch) with no LSA dealers. So, I bought a pair from Walter at Underwood Hi Fi without auditioning (first in my life.) Compared to my 1983 vintage Thiel CS3’s they are more musical in the midrange and highs are sweeter. Bass, however, needed to be augmented with a REL T-1 sub in my 21x14x8 room (speakers positioned against the short wall.) I am not familiar with ProAc sound and cannot comment on that. One caveat, these speakers made me a believer of speaker break-in period (at least 200 hours.) Good luck. Fred
I'm actually interested in the tower speakers - the LSA2 Statements - specifically because I don't want to mess with a sub. Though I'm assuming the mid and upper frequency voicing is more or less the same between them, so insights on the LSA1 are welcomed.
I think a lot of the bass response thing will have to do with how large the listening room is, naturally, and how close they are to the wall. My room is about 13 x 16 x 8 – not that large at all – and I never felt any need for a sub woofer in that environment. In fact, the Statements put out quite an astonishing amount of accurate, tuneful bass considering their size.I don't really think that they go all the way down to the low 30s as LSA claims they do, but the bass is impactful and strong. Hope this helps.
I agree with Rebbi that room/speaker interaction is important. My monitors are 4 feet from the front wall and 2 to 4 feet from the side walls and I am seated at least 6 feet from the back wall. And let us not forget that I am comparing LSA1’s bass to the first generation CS3’s with electronic bass equalization. Tim, you should be just fine with towers. I read a lot of positive feedback from those who attend hi-fi shows that LSA speakers sound wonderful when driven by the LSA hybrid amp. Then again, I never heard ProAc’s.
Agree with Sedab that your amp and the LSAs should sound marvelous together. The show reports on that combo have been extremely positive.
How'd you like to listen to the LSA 1 Statements in your home? Ironically, I am in San Diego, have a pair of LSA 1 Statement speakers, and am trying to decide if the LSA amps are for me. I'm not sure where you live, but I'd be willing to plan a trip to setup my speakers/stands in your home (or wherever) to see if either one of us can benefit from the pairing. I was just at CES 2011 and met with John Tucker in the LSA room. He was kind enough to swap out the LSA .5 speakers for the LSA1 Statements for a listening session. I believe the amp used was the LSA Standard (can anyone else confirm), and even so it sounded unreal. So much better than my current Arcam amplifier. Needless to say, I would love to hear how the LSA Statement amp sounds when connected to the LSA 1 Statements. Let me know. I've been on Audiogon for a while, with local face to face meetings, so I'm not a creeper.
Jonstine - I recently moved to Phoenix, so I'm a bit far for a listening session. Too bad, I really would have loved to pair things up and give them a listen.

I will say the LSA amps are worth your consideration, it is by far the best amp I've ever owned. I haven't really heard better until you get into the $20,000 range.