LSA Signature to Statement upgrade

Hey all,

I have the LSA Signature integrated and am thinking of sending it off to Brian Wolford at LSA for the Statement upgrade. Has anyone done this and is there a difference in sound and presence to justify the upgrade cost?

or, has anyone heard both the Signature and the Statement and can attest to the difference in sound?

I'm driving a pair of Reference 3A de Capo i's.

Thank you much,

Hi! Not to be more pathetic than I usually am, but anyone?
Very few users of their electronics.
Well, a happy one here. I got the Statement upgrade back several weeks ago and am floored by how good it is.It easily rivals my old ARC VS-115/Blue Circle 2.1 combo and is more full and engaged than my CJ ET250s amp. This one's a keeper.
As I've always said, an amplifier can never be too full and engaged.