LSA Signature 20?

I’m in the process of trying to assemble my first legit 2-channel hi fi system and am looking for a suitable pair of floorstanders.
My system thus far consists of an ARC LS-25 mk II linestage paired with a Legacy L200 high current amplifier (essentially a rebranded CODA Stage 3). The power amp makes 250/400wpc into 4/8ohm respectively. My source is going to be (for now) a Technics SL-1200 mk1 with an at-3600l cart. I still need to come up with a phono stage; I have my eye on an Acurus P10 available locally fairly cheap that will hopefully get me by until I can find an ARC unit that fits my budget.

I have a pair of Klipsch RF-5’s, but to be perfectly honest I really wasn’t a fan of their sound when I had them hooked up to my integrated amp. I’d always wondered what “shouty” meant when folks described speakers. The high end on the vocals, when I listened to Daft Punk’s “One More Time”, felt like someone was in my face with a bullhorn. Fatiguing? After 5min it felt like my ears had run a sonic marathon. I’ll admit it, I liked the smoothness in the mids, but that horn loaded tweeter just killed it for me. I previously owned a pair of PSB-500’s that I liked better than the Klipsch. Clear sparkly high range without being too bright, tight well controlled low end, but I kind of felt like the mids were... I mean they were present... but just somehow unengaging.

So recently I saw that the LSA-20’s are on sale. I’d actually read a Glowing review of the LSA-10 some time back, which had put the brand on my radar. I only managed to find a couple of reviews on the 20’s and not much in the way of user write-ups on the forums. I have to say I am highly intrigued by this speaker. One of the reviews stated that they have a similar sound to Harbeth. I was EXTREMELY impressed by the Harbeth 30.1’s (way outta my price range) that the gentleman from whom I purchased my linestage used to demo the unit.
I was really hoping that there might be some users on here who could give me some feedback on these speakers.
Thx for taking the time to read my post

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Signatures are warm sounding speakers with detailed spacious highs and tight base. They don't need a sub for music. They are versatile theater speakers. Very inefficient and I would want a 300 watt amp.
I replaced B&W 1980 801s with these. My old speakers were acoustic suspension. Signatures are very revealing speakers.