LSA Customer Loyalty & Mixed Feelings

Having built my audio system up progressively and very slowly over the years when funds became available I am at a stage where part of my current system is an LSA Statement Integrated Amplifier which I purchased new a couple of years ago. This replaced my previous amplifier a Berning ZH-270. At the time I purchase the LSA it was retailing for approximately $9000.I was therefore somewhat surprised and a little pissed to see an advert on AG advertising them now new for $3799.
As an owner it does not impress me that should I wish to on sell mine the value has been considerably eroded due to this marketing change.
On the other hand as an audio nut and music lover it is great that such a good product is more accessible price wise to anyone contemplating the upgrade path.
Mixed feelings you Betcha.
Your thoughts?
LSA was sold to Underwood Audio.  Larry moved on to a new company making new products-about a year and a half ago or more. Probably not a marketing ploy, but a reduction of stock and product. “LSA” sells only speakers now.  Was what you saw a new amp?   Used stuff is half the price of new most the time. Is it leftover NOS from a year ago? You can go to Underwood audio to see the, very pricy now, LSA speakers. And a little of the leftover LSA stock from before. I own a pair of the “old” LSA Statement speakers. 
I asked LSA for a replacement remote for my amp a few years ago, negative! Replacement buttons, negative! Give me the codes to program a all in one remote, negative!
So not much customer service there, at least they could find the codes for the remote so I could use a different one, but no, nothing, move along!
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