LSA 20 Statement

What do ye say?? These any good? Floorstander with BE tweeter and Carbon Fiber Mid for 3.2k pricing till end of the year. Looks intriguing. Anyone heard these? 
Looks like alot of speaker for $3200...
Intriguing indeed, especially after reading the stellar reviews of the new LSA models and the details of how they were designed and who’s behind them.  Not a well-kept secret they targeted the JA Pulsars and Perspectives as sound bogeys in the development process, which were pretty lofty goals at these price points.  Sounds like they may have largely succeeded, and that you can try them at home for 30 days is huge — especially these days.  

I’m actually intrigued by everything Underwood HiFi is pursuing these days.  I was interested in Core Power stuff right before Underwood acquired them, their headphones have been making some waves, and the new pre/headphone amp looks promising as well.