LSA 20 Signature - I am thinking of buying a pair - anyone love/hate them?

Hi all!
So the feedback I've heard on the LSA 20 Signature (and the other LSA speakers) seems pretty positive.

Anyone heard these or own them? Would love some thoughts before I pull the trigger.

I am leaning toward the Signature as I've always kind of like the sound of silk dome tweeters.  My speakers over the last few years are Genelec near field monitors (8030 and 8050) which can be overly detailed if you are familiar with how true studio monitors tend to be :)

Thank you in advance!
@heycarlos -- I owned them around 7 years ago. Unless they have radically revamped the speaker since, my suggestion is to audition other speakers as well. They were not bad, but at the same time nothing to write home about. They did not anything wrong, but also nothing that made me fall in love with them. If you're trying to move away from speakers that are too detailed or accurate, take a look at Harbeth P3esr, Spendor, Falcon, etc. as well. I have also heard great things about the new KEF LS50 Metas -- monitors, but without the usual pitfalls.

Disclaimer: It is quite possible that the LSA Signature 20 have been improved in the last 7 years, so please take my suggestion with a grain of salt :)
In 7 years better drivers and better XO components can make a huge improvement

They have garnered a fair number of excellent reviews

Member Terry London reviewed the LSA-20 Statements I think for Stereo Times? and bought the review pair.  That speaks volumes in my book.  They offer a return policy if for some reason you don’t love’em, but you probably will.  Just do it!