LSA 1 Signatures-- Anyone had a chance to listen?

I'm going to take a listen to these this weekend and just wandering if anyone has had a chance to check them out? If I purchase, they will be powered by a Krell 400xi integrated.

Thanks for any input.
Thinking of going with these plus sub, or possibly PSB Synchrony 2 or Totem Forest.
I heard these when a representative demonstrated them at the local hi fi shop. I thought the bass was good. I found everything else just okay. Before the representative hooked up the LSA Sig 1 Sig.)I was listening to a pair of Reynards floor standers (the ones with the egg on top) and Usher 6311's.
I honestly don't know why but they did not have the magic expected at the price they were asking. I personally thought the Usher 520's were just as good if not better considering the pricing. ($400 for the Ushers vs $2500 for the LSA 1 Signatures) The dealer wasn't impressed either.
Just my 2 cents.
Thanks for your thoughts Ponnie.

I was actually able to pick up the demo pair last night and got them hooked up in my system. I am so far, quite impressed by them. Top end detail and clarity is excellent with a very wide soundstage (somewhat like Totem). To me, it makes the music sound like what it is supposed to, not adding any additional characteristics (I guess you would call this neutral).

I hopefully will have time tonight to sit down and listen a little more.
I've heard them twice, both times at shows, and have been quite impressed both times. Very musical, great balance of all the compromises speakers must make. Enjoy.
The conflicting opinions of the LSA-1's are what bugs me about audiophilia in general. The same set of speakers sounded poor not only to a potential consumer but also to the dealer. Yet someone else was impressed with them on 2 different occasions at 2 different shows. It only proves that the dealer either had them set up wrong, or had them with the wrong associated electronics. But in the right setup they must be pretty good speakers. You can't rely on opinions about audio gear. So often the performance will be relative.
Set up and matching are the keys to a good system.
Go to a few shows and you will find that very few manufacturers can set up a good system. Bad rooms, bad manufacurer marriages, bad set ups in general. There are some manufacturers that sound good almost all the time.
Have heard a $380,000 system sound mediocre and a $3,000 system sound great.
Audio is an art not a science, which leads to different opinions. That's why we have this forum.
By the way, I have heard the LSAs and they are a fine speaker.
I guess conflicting opinions are true of just about anything. Take cars for example (chevy vs ford, toyota vs honda, etc.)
LSA has a very natural sonic family sound. The Signature is their middle model if I recall correctly, with the Statement at the top (ribbon tweeter) and Standard at bottom. They do need proper break-in and then - in my experience - they are quite good at their respective price points. Resale value is up in the air as LSA has had some good word-of-mouth and reviews but is relatively new brand.