LSA 1 Monitors in a small room??

I'm considering a pair of LSA 1 monitors for my dedicated listening room which is fairly small. I read that these have a rear port, which concerns me given the fact that they would have to be placed somewhat close to the back wall. Does anyone have any experience with these speakers in a small room? I heard them once at a dealer and they were very impressive.

I owned the Von Schweikert VR-1s, which are very similar to the LSA 1s, and they were terrific in a small (10x12) room. The little tuned port they have is different than most ports, and can be very close to the wall and still function properly. I had mine about 9 inches from the wall, as close as the VS stands would allow, and they sounded great. Make sure you use good stands; they make a huge difference.

The speakers, not to be contrary, are voiced, VERY differently, the cabinets are shaped in a very different manner, lending to the exceptional imaging of the LSA's.
I worked with Von Schwiekert, for a while, as President Emeritus, helping with a CES, forming a contortium for Mr. Von Schweikert, for the 2005 CES--and while I admire his skills at design, certainly, I'm not a fan of the 'voicing' of the Von Schweikerts, when compared to the LSA's.
When I designed the LSA's I went for a completely different sound/mid tweeter blend, than most louspeakers present. For a small bookshelf, the LSA1's are VERY dynamic in the midrange, and have superior imaging and soundstaging, partly because of cabinet shape...all of this makes for what I think is a vastly superior sound.
Perfect Vision's Chris Martens just reviewed the LSA's Home Theater Package--you may want to read that review.
Good luck and good hunting.

Larry Staples
LSA Group

I apologize, I wasn't specific enough in my reply; I never meant to infer the VR-1s sounded anything like the LSAs. I was only commenting on the port design being similar to the VR-1s and making it suitable for near wall placement, which appeared to be the main concern of the OP. If I'm wrong on that point, I'm sure the OP would like to know.

I think he's already decided he likes your speakers. :-)

Jwglista, I have a very small room and given prior experience with the LSAIIs, I would strongly recommend the LSA1s. You can put them on the LSA stands. I would also strongly recommend that you move up to the LSA1 Statements with substantial modifications of the LSA1 Standards. These are fantastic little speakers.
Thanks for your comments...I rarely, just take exception it's just that for some reason, the rumor was that Albert Von Schweikert 'designed' the LSA's, was out there early on. Possibly because I had worked with him in the past.(Though no one said that Jim Thiel designed them, even though I worked for Jim too).
Nothing could be further from the truth. That, plus they are voiced so VERY differently from each other--so I probably took your very gracious comments to an illogical conclusion. Sorry, if I was in any way abrupt, it's just that it's kind of a sore subject....
TBG, wondering why you like the LSA2's more, other than size of product?
I agree that the LSA 2's with the completely upgraded crossovers are remarkably better, that plus the wool stuffing, and I MEAN STUFFING! Wow, what a difference the natural fabric makes. You should hear the standard LSA2's with JUST wool stuffing--the cabinet 'noises' are reduced greatly.
Thanks for the kind words guys. I really feel that the LSA's represent a terrific value in the market today. All one needs do, is to read Chris Marten's review to get a good feel for the nature of sound of these little guys.

Larry Staples
LSA Group
Jwglista, in contrast with Larry, I think the LSA2 will overload a small room. The reason I recommend the Statement models is that John Tucker puts a folded ribbon tweeter and an upgraded crossover.
Thanks for all the input, guys. When the time is right (within the next few months), I am going to probably give the LSA1 "standard" edition a try. I would go for the statement, but I have to stick to a budget, since I need to buy an integrated amp as well. Does anyone have recommendations for amps that match well with the LSA1 monitors?
I have had a pair of the standard LSA1 speakers in my large bedroom (high vaulted ceiling) for the past two years and I really, really enjoy them! They are dynamic and have fantastic imaging like the earlier poster wrote about above. I will hopefully send them back to the factory sometime this year and get them upgraded to the statement version as I have heard nothing but fantastic things about those. I like the standard version a lot, and have gotten a ton of enjoyment out of them, but I am lusting for the statements when I can afford to upgrade. These are really great speakers!

I am using a Mcintosh MC7270 amp and a Mcintosh C712 preamp to power them.

(Can you tell that I like these speakers a lot?)
There was a strong rumor (long ago) that the LSA 2 was a repackaged version of the VS model 2, or visa versa, I forget which. They had a superficial resemblance as I recall but sounded very different. I always wondered how that rumor got started. I think - but not sure - that one person on a bulletin board once asked if they were similar because they looked similar, and that lead to a long discussion, and then, off we go....
I would certainly be interested in hearing Larry Staples' advice on this one:
Does anyone have recommendations for amps that match well with the LSA1 monitors?

As for myself, I have owned a pair of LSA1 Standard monitors for a couple of years and have recently upgraded to the Statement version. My listening room is 11' x 19' x 8' (W x D x H) and they sound "good" with their current placement. I think I could improve imaging by adding some diffusion to the first reflection points on the side walls. They now sit 30" from the front wall, 30" from the side walls, and 72" apart (measured to tweeter).

The dealer's listening room, where I auditioned the LSA1 Standard monitors, was only slightly larger than my own. Maybe a foot or two in every direction. He had a much better acoustic environment, though. Anyway, I listened to them connected to a pair of McIntosh 500 watt monoblocks and they sounded frickin' great. I also listened to them connected to some Bryston amp and some Meridian integrated amp. Both sounded somewhat different from, and not quite as good as the McIntosh. I can't recall the characteristics of either so that probably wasn't much help. A McIntosh preamp was used and the source was a Rega Apollo. Through the McIntosh amps I would describe the sound the following way: Plenty of detail, very well defined soundstage boundary, accurate but larger-than-life, fairly good imaging, a little warm.

In my own room I have used a decent Marantz integrated amplifier (SR8001) and a pair of Monarchy SM-70 pro amplifiers. The Marantz seems to mate very well with these speakers, as far as being able to deliver a well-rounded representaion of the music. I slightly prefer the Marantz over the Monarchy even though the Monarchy amps seem to do some aspects better, such as detail, tonal accuracy, and timing. The Marantz just seems to be able to deliver the big picture in a more appealing way. The Marantz is definitely less fatiguing... maybe that's what I like more about it.

I'll probably try the Wyred4Sound monoblocks next, unless Larry makes a more appealing suggestion.
Even though my VR-1s sounded completely different than the LSA 1s (nods toward Larry and smiles) the best amps I used with them were the Monarchy SM-70 Pro monoblocks. Smooth as silk, just a tad on the warm side, and plenty of power; I imagine they'd be a great complement to the LSA 1s, and it looks like Orangepotato has come to the same conclusion. Certainly worth a listen for the low price of entry.

At the RMAF, LSA had their 1 Statement speakers with their Standard integrated amp run by the Exemplar/Oppo BDP-83 blu-ray player. It was extraordinary but the room was about twice the size of my small NM listening room. It was a $10k system.
My wife and I went to the LSA room at the RMAF several times last weekend and I had to drag my wife away down the hall kicking as she wanted to buy them on the spot (it's usually the other way around concerning stereo gear). They are truly excellent speakers.
I sold my LSA1 Statements when I had a shot at getting a pair of Merlin TSM's at a good price. I've never had the chance to listen to them side by side, so I can't really compare them, but I will say that I had no beef with the LSA when I owned it. Terrific speaker, indeed.
I know it's been a while...but wondering if you've tried stuffing the cabinets with wool?
That makes a big, big difference in their sound, trust me on that.
Any fabric store can usually point you to natural wool for stuffing.

Good listening,