LSA-1 ??

Can anyone provide some feedback on the LSA-1 speakers? The reviews that I can find online seem to indicate that they are high quality with excellent sound reproduction and well worth the $1500 asking price. The reviews are however somewhat old and I see that they are now being sold direct for around $700. Are these the same speakers or has the quality been downgraded in order to obtain the lower price?

I'm thinking of using these as mains together with a Rythmic LVR12 sub. Would this setup work well in a medium to large listening room?

I had a set of these with the Center and Surrounds for a small HT some years ago and they were ok.  They sound fine for their price point IMHO.  I was especially impressed with their build quality for that price.

Underwood Wally sells these online for LSA now.  Walter is a nice guy and great to do business with, highly recommended seller I've bought from myself.  

These are quite good for the price. That doesn't mean they're not good compared with other speakers, just that they sound fantastic for what you pay. Wally could charge twice as much based on their sound.