LS50s on desktop. What stand/base?

I just picked up some LS50 Wireless speakers and will be using them on my desktop. My desktop is 60" wide. I can’t use stands so they will be going on the desk. I’m looking at ideas for a base. I was thinking a granite 12"x12" slab under each with the LS50s on spikes. Something like this:

Or this:

I don’t mind spending some more on the solution but thought this might be a good, simple start.

Thanks for any input.
I recommend the  IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R155.  They provide two height options, and two tilt options.  Three tilt options if you turn them around and tilt the speakers down.  They are attractive, go to together in a jiffy, and let you fiddle with height and tilt options.   Lots of fun!

I recommend that whatever stands you get, they be high enough to place the tweeters at or near your seated ear level.  If the speakers are not too far apart you're in for a treat as you first hear "near-field" sound.  You'll find there is a "bubble" of sound hovering over your desktop and when you get your ears in there the sound quality can be quite remarkable.

You need not spend money on stands to hear this.  Pile up some books to raise your speakers to the necessary level.  Try the speakers at a low height, and then try them at ear level.  Then you can choose a stand knowing what kind of results to expect.  I think you'll be pleased with how good those little KEFs can be.  

Have fun!
Thanks for the reply,

I think those are what I need unless I splurge for the Apertas. I’m excited about getting the KEFs.

Edit: Just snagged NIB Apertas for $129 shipped. IsoAcoustics got back to me after using their calculator that the Apertas were best.
IsoAcoustics are also what I use for both my KEF LS50 (passive) and KEF 3000A (active). It sounds better than directly on the desk. I have the LS50 stands on a 60’ long desk.
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