LS50s and room size

I am very intrigued by the new KEF LS50s. All the wonderful reviews I have been reading have me nearly ready to pull the trigger. My only hesitation is that these will be on my main system and my only experience with speakers of this size are my Audioengine P4s that I use with my computer. They sound fantastic as long as I am sitting right in front of them. From anywhere else, they sound very small. The ls50s would be replacing my old Vandersteens which even though they are outclassed by the p4s in almost every regard, they fill the room with sound, no matter where I am positioned. I guess what I'm asking is if I get up and move around, will the magic disappear? My system is in a smallish room now and I will soon be moving in with the girlfriend where they will have a bit more space, but not much. I would love to demo these in person but the nearest KEF showroom is about three hours away and they are closed on the weekends which is the only time I could even hope to make such a trip.

Also, are there any other speakers I should be looking at? The price of the KEFs are about as high as I am able to go at this time since I will need to get stands as well.
It seems like you will just have to make them work out for you, one way or another. If you find you really can't use them in the space you have, with the gear you have, then you can sell them. That is the chance you take, there will be a new vs used loss, that is inevitable unless you can find something similar used. In this case you can't to my knowledge.
Check out Spendor 3/5R2,same price.Great little speaker! I had the 3/5 years ago and it was one of the better standmounts I have owned!
Just wanted to update that I did pick up the LS50s and could not be happier. These things sound amazing and my initial concerns were all eliminated with moments of hooking them up. My system has never sounded so good!
This is all well and good. And I am surely happy you like your speakers.

But why do people post questions in the wrong forum? That is likely why you only got two (and not very good) responses.

I really like the LS50 design.

THey've gotten a lot of good press, I'm still waiting for someone to say anything really bad about them.

Good omens!
Only bad thing about them is the big KEF logo on the top of each speaker. Spoils the look IMO.
Only bad thing about them is the big KEF logo on the top of each speaker. Spoils the look IMO.
Hi Megido

What are the dimensions of your room? Also could you detail the placement set-up you have with them? I'm contemplating using the KEF LS50s in an office/basement set-up where the ceilings are only 7ft high but the room is rectangular. The LS50s would be about 5-6ft apart but close to the wall. I would say right up against them to maybe just 5" away from the wall. Height wise they would be put on 24" stands which would put them right under my ears.

As for the KEF logo on the top. I have no problem with that at all. You don't really see them anyway.


I'd be nervous about buying the LS50's and then placing them right against the wall. It's really not the ideal situation for that speaker and you'd most likely do better buying something else better designed for that sort of placement. If I remember correctly, the manual even recommends against placement like that.

Mine are in a small treated room about 12*11, but I've got them out about 30inches from the walls and corners. I'd move them out even more if I had the space.

In my experience, these speakers weren't too tricky as far as placement goes.

But I will say that the logo is surprisingly noticeable.Or at least that it was for me. I tend to like my clothing, speakers, etc largely logo free (or at least with minimal, unobstrusive logos), so that was a disappointment. Much more noticeable in person than in photos.

My basement office is exactly where I have mine setup and the dimensions are pretty similar. I am very happy with the sound. These speakers do an amazing job of sounding very big. I was blown away by how much bass they actually put out. It's not subwoofer bass but they really reach down low with lots of detail. They do a much better job than my old vandersteens ever could, even with their 8" drivers.

I wouldn't want them too close to the wall though. That would really mess with the low end. Mine are a about 2-3 feet from the walls and I'm quite happy with their positioning. I Can sit directly in front of them and completely loose myself in the music or I can be sitting over at my computer and still be able to really enjoy them. You practically have to leave the room for them sound anything less than fantastic.

As for the logo, they are invisible from my listening position. I pretty much have to be standing right on top of them to even really notice it. Out of site, out of mind I guess. Doesn't bother me in the slightest.
Greetings Megido, Roscoeiii and Seikosha

Many many Thanks for the detailed input and thoughts. I read your posts and looked at the office space again. I definitely can't locate the LS50s properly. I guess I'll have to find another space where I can utilize them. Now if I ever do see them in person I'm really going to inspect the top logo. I've only seen them in pictures and am now really curious of their appearance live.
LS50 is rear-ported, so you should place them away from the wall behind them. I considered them for my small room but wouldn't have been able to place them right. Went with sealed-enclosure Merlin TSM and couldn't be happier.
Though they do have foam plugs for the ports, presumably for folks who are looking to place them near a wall.
You compared these to Vandersteens with an 8 inch woofer. Were these the 1C? As a KEF fan (though I haven't heard the LS50 yet) and current Vandersteen 1Ci owner (former 2CE Sig II owner)a I'm interested in the comparison if you could share some impressions.

I'd have to use the KEFs on the long wall of a 24x14 room that opens into another space, and I'm not sure if they'd have enough bass extension.
I had/have the Vandersteen 1Bs. Not sure how they compare to the 1Cs but between the KEFs, the difference is night and day. In just about every way, the KEFs are a vast improvement. I was specifically referring to the bass when I mentioned the vandees. In particular, the vandersteens could put out an impressive amount of bass, room shaking even, but it really wasn't very good bass. The KEFs, on the other hand, put out far more bass than their size would lead you to believe and the bass is very tight and detailed.

Ultimately what pushed me to upgrade was a "audiophile sampler" that audiogon released through HDtracks. It was only $5 so I grabbed it. I picked a particular track that had two very complex piano parts playing together. One was high while the other was low. I used that track to do a proper A/B comparison between the vandees and my little audioengine p4s that I use on my computer. Both were played from the same amp and source.

On my p4s the highs were clear and airy. You could easily here the room in which the recording was made. The notes were neatly separated from each other which made the music much more engaging and highlighted the technical skill of the pianist. The bass line came across just as strongly. You could clearly hear the character of the piano within each note. The imaging was clearly placed right between the speakers so that they almost vanished into the music. The p4s readily presented the piece as two very complementary and masterfully played piano solos.

The vandersteens were a completely different story. While the high notes still sounded good, the space around them completely vanished. The room was gone. The separation also took a massive hit and the notes all just sort of ran together. The bass line was even worse. Again the separation between notes was gone and everything just got mushed together. There was almost no detail in the notes themselves. The bass line sounded so muddy that it no longer sounded like a piano at all. It sounded more like an electric bass just plodding along behind piano solo. There was also no real imaging to speak of. There was clearly a left and right speaker making the music.

That little test is what motivated me to replace the vandersteens. I loved them dearly but now I had heard their limitations and could no longer un-hear it. The p4s hinted at what I was missing and the KEFs give it to me in spades.
Thanks for the detailed response. The KEFs are on my must-hear list, so I'm looking forward to doing some comparison of my own. Enjoy the speakers!