Ls50 wireless II vs separates with passive speakers

So I’m trying to figure out a good audio setup for my kitchen and I’m looking for a good all digital streaming setup. Right now the LS50 wireless II seems to be tops on many peoples lists for this type of setup. I generally prefer passive speakers so I can upgrade them without upgrading the amp, streamer, etc but I’m not fully opposed to smart active speakers. 

Are there any good amp, streamer, speaker pairings that can compete with the LS50 wireless for roughly the same price? Preferably a super integrated amp so I can keep counter space to a minimum 
Speakers for your kitchen?

Most people I know have the Bose Soundlink II bluetooth speakers in their kitchens. Denon - a well-respected Japanese brand also has some great units.

If in doubt, Sonos is a topper.
@mastering92 I’m going for a better sound than that. 
If you’re looking at powered speakers I’d give Xeo 20 from Dynaudio a try other than LS 50 W2.  In my totally subjective impressions the Xeos don’t get as much marketing jazz as KEF has managed, but are the better speakers in that range. 
I have a pair of LS50w for “around the house” listening when not listening to the big rig. They absolutely rock and blow the doors off the passive versions. Not sure there’s anything out there that could beat them for their price/performance/ease of use. Plus if needed you can now add their matching sub. Two thumbs up. 
@mcslipp that’s the big selling point to me, there ease of use and bang fir the buck. I plan on mounting them high. You can fully control them with an app right?
@varchard yes, you can control through the app. I did the initial setup and fiddling with the app, set the volume (almost max) on the master speaker and then control the volume from whatever device I’m using. Works great.
I also own some of the LS50W (not the IIs). Super happy with them. They sounds excellent and have quite a bit more bass then the passive versions due to the design. Pretty flexible in placement given you can tailor the DSP settings in the app. You can use the app to wirelessly stream music but as they are DLNA devices I use JRiver. Other software likely can discover them as well and think the IIs do this a bit better. Super flexible with digital input and subwoofer outputs. For my 2 cents the finest active speaker in that price range. I know the IIs step things up and likely have a pair of those in my future. FWIW the older  LS50Ws  can be found right around $900-1200.
LS50 Meta with SHD Power ($1499) is a good choice IMO.

SHD Power has amp, network streaming + Dirac Live.

Also if you decide to active later it has digital AES outputs so you can run Dirac Live with your active speakers.

LS50 Meta + Dirac Live should be better than the LS50 Wireless II since not only will it have superior DSP correction but also target curve can be personally tailored.
@alcoholbob - I was looking at adding the NAD C638 as a streamer/dac/preamp which also has Dirac Live and for $99 the full Dirac system. I think Dirac in a large kitchen is a must.