LS50 Wireless connection preference?

I’ve got a pair of KEF LS50 Wireless speakers and am wondering what the best route is for connecting them? Right now I’ll be using a MacBook Air and can go USB but I may buy a Node 2 or Aries Mini and go optical or coaxial. I want to utilize the DACs in the KEFs though. Which route is the best way to go for sound quality? I’d rather not go analog or add anything else in the mix.

Thanks for any advice.
I would go USP into a reclocker like the Empirical Synchro-Mesh, then coax digital from the Synchro to the dac in your speakers. Everything stays digital and the reclocker makes a nice upgrade in SQ to just relying on your computer alone as a transport. Its a much better way to go than spending big money on just cables.
this might help:

I use BT but out of convenience. 
Excellent  sound. 
" I use BT but out of convenience.
Excellent  sound. "

How does it sound compared to cables?
Anyone else? Right now I'm thinking a decent USB cable and AQ Jitterbug out of my MacBook Air. If I go with an Aries Mini/Node 2, then optical.
the KEF LS 50 WIRELESS does not accept coax, only toslink for digital. analog RCA is all converted to digital by the speakers internal Dac. i would presume the quality of the analog signal provided by your source would have a bearing on the digital conversion by the KEF's.  garbage in garbage out. the best connection in my opinion would be the Toslink from a transport or other digital source.  
Thanks for the reply,

Yes, it's looking like Toslink is the way to go. I'll use USB from my MacBook until I pick up another source. I'm trying to avoid a pair of long analog cables.