LS3/5A vs Sonus Faber EA/Minima

For classical music, which is better?

LS3/5A 15ohm vs Sonus Faber Electa Amator (any version) or Minima (any version)

Amplifier is MC275. Not SET tube is available.
The Rogers are nice, but grossly inefficient near-field speakers since they were designed to be a small studio monitor, not a loudspeaker. The MC275 is a nice match to them, but you may find you don't get enough SPL on bold passages. The Sonus Faber products are all much more efficient and lower resistance. Again, the MC275 will handle the demand, no problem. I like to have a bit more volume range personally, so I'd opt for the Sonus Fabers with your amp. If you had more power, I'd go with the Rogers. Love my Studio 1s. Good luck & happy listening!
The Rogers are quite inefficient, but, the very high impedance makes them a very easy load for tube amps. I heard a pair in a large room driven by fairly low-powered amps (somewhere around 18 watts). The MC275 should work quite well with the Rogers, It has been a while since I heard the Electa Amator so I won't say which I prefer. I will say that I was quite surprised by how good the Rogers sounded in my recent encounter with them.