LS3/5a's - what amps are you using?

If there are any LS3/5a owners out there I'd be interested to know what you are running them with. They're a hard load and very inefficient, so they're not an easy speaker to run....

All comments welcome.

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an e40 rogers amp(class A).....there are a few on ebay from the uk right now. built by audio note in GB and designed by rogers for the ls3/5, its the most powerful 40w tube amp i've ever owned. works great with other hard loads as well, and has a phono stage worth the entire price.
I have a pair of Rogers LS 3/5a's 15 ohm versions which I have driven with a J Korneff 45 using RCA 2A3 biplates, and also with a Jadis Orchestra Reference with KT 90's both with great success. I also have a pair of Soliloquy SM2A3's (11 ohm designed for low powered SET's) and the Rogers are equally easy to drive.
I have 15 ohm LS3/5a's that I purchased in 1979. They have been re-wired and have new hardware. I am driving them with an ARC SP-6b into a Fuchs modified Dynaco ST-70. A very musical setup.
the jolida 1501 tubed pre 100 watt power solid state output used it to dive spendors rogers and vandersteen excellent in everyway
1982 16 ohm Rogers LS3/5a. Using a Naim 250.2 for 1 year and prior to that, a Hafler DH200 for 23 years. With good quality amplification and a clean front end (LP12/Ekos/Argo or a NAIM CDX2), there's no problem.
THe LS3/5a is extremely easy to drive. It is not very efficient though yet 35 watts is about all you want to play it with. We use our S-30 with it and the combination is fabulous!
Atma, nice, many of your amps are mono, but your posts are stereo.
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Quad 606II drove the LS3/5a's very well. Also a Denon PMA-S10 integrated sounds pretty good.
I took J.Gordon Holt's advise for an amplifier for my Chartwell LS3/5a and got a Berning EA-230.
I also drove LS3/5As w/ Berning EA-230. I had the first or second EA-230 prototype, circa 1982.
Ive used restored vintage integrateds with my chartwell 15 ohmers. Dyna sca 35 at 17 watts and a sherwood s500 at i belive 30 watts.

they love the sherwood.

I recieved an interesting email on the efficenty/sensativity issue of the ls35a from j r the c0-designer of vaccuum tube states JLTI amp. If he gives permission i can post it hear.Bottom line all the info you want is at the ls35a group at yahoo groups.

I have the 11 ohm Rogers and have been using a Musical Fidelity B200 integrated for about 10 years. Great rich sound that is very musical.
The ARC D-52b did a great job with these speakers. You should be able to find one easily.
They're not that hard to drive - I drive my 11 ohm Rogers (ash and not bi-wired) with a Musical Fidelity A2. Sweet.
I use a Rega Elex. No issue at all. 11 ohms. Very easy to drive. Inefficient but 1 clean watt is all you need in my room.
Best setup I had was a pair of Mac 240s with a Marantz 7C.
Quad IIs for my Stirling Broadcast LS3/5a (NOT the mark II new version)
The LS35a's LOVE EL34 based tube amps. CJs are perfect for them. Quicksilvers are also great.