LS3/5A binding post suggestions

I have a pair of Rogers LS3/5A speakers (15 ohm version) that have the old-style plastic surround banana plug receptacles. As I will be using these speakers with Cardas biwire cables alternating with Totem Signatures (biwire version), I'd like to install binding posts on the Rogers that are big enough to accomodate two spades on each terminal. I was able to do this on a set of KEFs that someone had installed Cardas binding posts on, but was wondering if anyone on Audiogon had previous experience doing this with older LS3/5As. Thanks in advance for any tips !
In the discussion forums>cables "Banana to spade adaptors" has most recent post on 6-21-06. One of the choices listed is Monster X-terminators identified by member Elizabeth. Another is available from your local Radio Shack identified by member Mrtennis. The longest list of even more choices posted by Jamscience.